Friday, December 12, 2014

What's In My Makeup Pouch

I am not a makeup girl, honestly. Little girls normally want to wear makeup when they grow up, I think I am not one of them. The first and only makeup tool that I had when highschool was compact powder. Some of my (popular) friends in school used blush and lip gloss to school. Later when I graduated from highschool, I started to think maybe I need to be more girlie, so one of my friend (she's 5 years older than me and wears makeup daily) took me to mall to get my first makeup kits. 

But then, I abandoned my first eyeshadows, mascara, blush for almost two years. Out of nowhere, I asked my ex-roommate to take me buy some new makeup tools again, this time I promised myself to wear them often. And yeah, I didn't break that promise till today! 

Here on my makeup pouch are all my daily makeup stuffs. I wear them almost every week, mostly when I go to church, casual day out with family or friends, for work, etc. Let's see what I have here: 

1. Maybelline Clear Smooth Aqua Gel Foundation (light beige) and Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One (natural) SPF 25 PA++
I am totally a Maybelline girl, maybe because Maybelline is the only one makeup brand that friendly to young skin and the price are friendly. I never get my skin problems since I used Maybelline. Sometimes I want to try another "department store" makeup brands, but I'm afraid they are too harsh for my skin. So for now, I just stick to Maybelline.

I am totally a sucker for gel eyeliner! The first time when I tried gel eyeliner, I was like "gosh, this product is totally created just for me!". I have monolid eyes, liquid eyeliner never works for me and I can't use it by myself (usually my eyes turn red and so teary). Gel eyeliner is just perfect for my eyes, easy to apply and last longer, even when I'm sweating lots, it doesn't smudge out. Eyeliner is a MUST for my daily makeup because it will make my eyes more open and bigger (especially when I have terrible sleep or hard cry night before). I heard Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner is kinda popular too, maybe I'll try out someday. 

Did I mention I'm a Maybelline girl? Haha. I used the other one before this, but the falsies is very nice too. Mascara helps me to make my eyes bigger too, but sometimes it sucks because I wear my glasses at the same time. You know, your mascara sticks with your glasses, ewhh.

It's hard for me to find a perfect eyeshadow palette for everyday look. When I found this at NYX counter, I know this is will be my perfect palette. And it really is! It's pigmented and the colors are so lovely. It can be used for casual wear and you can make a smokey look with this palette too. This is just perfect. One of my favorite too. 

And the other stuffs I have in my pouch are eyelash curler, some of bobby pins and hair tie, Sasa dual eyeliner and eyeshadow brush from Masami Shouku. Ah, I forgot to mention my lipstick, I got it from Revlon. But I need another brighter shade because my Mom said to me, a girl always needs a nice lipstick. And I'm thinking to get an eyebrow kits also a blush/bronzer palette. Any suggestions girls? (: 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Little Thoughts of You

October 2013, my boyfriend, or as you guys know, Andreas, popped out the question already. I am not sure it's an official proposal thing or not because no ring there haha (well, he said one ring is enough for the wedding day and he gave me another sparkling thing instead), but he asked me and I said yes, so yes I'm getting married. I'll tell you about the wedding preparation details as I can later, but first let me tell the story how we met and introduce you to someone that I've been relationship with for 4 years and 5 months.
Nggak kenal maka nggak sayang (:  

My most favorite selfie during my post-graduation trip to Hong Kong!

We met in 2009, it was my first semester on college in Guang Zhou, China. The first time I eyed Andreas, never crossed my mind that I would marry him someday. I wasn't into him, really. The only reason because he's not the guy that I wanted. I had barely ever start a conversation with him. He belonged to a group of friends that I didn't close to. What the matter is, I wasn't interest anything at all about him. I didn't know since when some of my friends started to tease me with him. I was a little bit annoyed, because every time I saw Andreas, I became hate him more hahaha (sorry, love!). But seriously, I was questioning a lot why it has to be me with Andreas? And what did he think about me? About this jokes by some of our friends? What does he feel? Does he really like me?

Well, it was not a joke and I think God also had planned something for both of us. 

One day, when I had my lecture, my phone received a text message, from an unknown number. I still slightly remember what the message was about: "Hey there, a girl who is wearing white shirt today. How are you?". I stared down on my clothes immediately, and yes I was wearing a white top. The next thing I did, I gave a glance to my best friend (who was my "teman sebangku" for 4 years). She was like, "what?" and I showed her my phone and she started giggling. That gave me enough explanation. Andreas knew my white top from her. He got my number from her. And it was officially my first text message from him.

More and more messages came in. We started to chat on MSN too (yes guys, MSN was so popular back then. Remember all that cheesy gif emoticons?). It has been going on just like that for almost three months. I started to see him in different person than I thought who he was before. Sometimes he acts awkward in funny way (at least for me), he always has interesting different point of views, he will swap his food with mine everytime when I don't like my food order, and he is the only guy who brought me bunch of fruits when I was sick and tells me fruits are healthy, and also made me go to the gym. Andreas had surprised me lots of things.

After all, he was like become a place for me to share what's happening on my every day's life. Every night I found myself rolling over at the bed while having a night phone call with him, and he was the first person that I looked for when I'm upset or in a trouble. I remember when I went out one night to buy some fresh fruits, the rain was pouring down suddenly and I didn't bring an umbrella. I was panicking and I didn't know why I called him for asking help (later I remembered because he lived not far from the fruits store) and he came to bring an umbrella for me just in a minute. He walked me home and we didn't talk each other. That time, I finally felt something strange that people usually called... butterflies in  stomach. I think there are sooo many of them in my tummy!

And they are keep coming until this day. It has been already five years since the first time I met him. And this kind of feelings, are still the same when he walked me home every night. We are not a perfect or dreamy couple, sometimes we make mistakes and we learned from it, sometimes we blame each other but we love again. I was feeling afraid of marriage this thing, I was worried about everything. Not about what wedding dress I should wear or how many bridesmaids that I need, I was more worried about what kind of wife or mother I am going to be, am I good enough for him, for the family that we will raise together? He smiled at me and said, "everything is gonna be okay." Now I know and always know, I'll marry a right man.

Someone told me marriage sounds so crazy, crazy enough to choose one person to spend all of their life with. You chose me and I chose you. But I believe God chose both of us to walk together in the next life path. I love you and I always do. Again, see you soon next year in October.

Monday, December 1, 2014

What I Am Looking Forward To

It supposed to be a Monday favorite links post, but I am sorry there are no links to share because I scroll too much Instagram lately. Anyway, I am looking forward to these little things:

1. 2015. When I woke up this morning and checked out my Path, I was seeing everybody posted something about "welcoming December!" or like "sweater weather hey December". One thing that I realized was "oh my gosh, next month is freaking January!!". Yes, 2015 just like at the corner guys. Plenty of things happened this year, some of them are so thrilling yet some of them bringing us happiness. I am not gonna complain, because 2014 is just another great year, I wish you have the same thought with me.

2. Sushi date. Have I mentioned before that I don't eat sushi without Andreas? It's not cheesy thing, it just because I don't have sushi partner with me here, either my family member. When I eat sushi, I eat everything. I eat a lot, like seriously guys, I order everything in the menu if I go out for sushi with him. Maybe this is just one of hundred reasons why we are being together (nah, you can put some cheese here). Anddd, I guess this brings us to another dream: eat sushi in Japan! 

3. Some good books for holiday. Call me geeky because I am. I just bought myself a new novel yesterday (I got Christmas discount for it, yay!), and I am thinking to get more until the end of the month. Have you read something nice lately? Please let me know!

There you go my little post from me tonight. To be honest I am lacking of inspirations these days, but I guess a new month will take me back to the right mood and bring me lots of new inspirations. Let's get a beauty sleep already, good night everyone and stay awesome!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tentang Hobi

Happy Sunday! Lagi mood nulis blog pake bahasa Indonesia di Minggu terik ini haha. Karena hari Minggu adalah hari santai, jadi tulisan hari ini pun yang selow aja. Let's talk about hobbies guys!

Pernah nggak sih ngerasa, di jaman sekarang ini banyak orang termasuk kita, terlalu sibuk sama kegiatan sehari-hari. Saking sibuknya, lupa manjain diri sendiri. Makanya nggak heran banyak anak muda jaman sekarang cepet moody, kalau cewek gampang bad mood (nggak cuman pas PMS aja). Jujur aku salah satu dari anak muda itu haha. Aku orangnya suka kebanyakan mikir dan gampang stres. Kalau udah stres, aku jadi orang yang paling cranky sedunia (like really, don't mess with the cranky Jane). Nah, untuk ngatasinnya aku pasti lari ke hobi yang bikin aku jadi lebih rileks. Let me share some of my hobbies.

1. Nonton K-Pop performance atau sejenisnya. 
Mungkin nggak banyak yang tau kalau aku sebenarnya penggemar musik K-Pop, terhitung sejak duduk di bangku SMA. Dibilang fans banget, mungkin iya, cuman itu dulu. Kadar bangetnya nggak bikin aku sampai pergi nonton konser si idola (mungkin yang ini dikarenakan tabungan nggak pernah cukup hahaha) atau ngoleksi semua merchandise atau album yang dikeluarkan. Sekarang ini sih aku cuman jadi penikmat di kala waktu senggang aja. Biasanya kalau lagi nganggur (apalagi di hari Minggu habis pulang gereja), aku suka iseng browsing gosip artis K-Pop yang masih aku ikutin sampai sekarang, kayak SNSD (I wish Jessica all the best, walaupun masih sedikit nggak rela), Super Junior (eh Sungmin udah mau nikah loh, tau nggak?), TVXQ (sebenarnya bingung mau tulis TVXQ atau JYJ hehe), dll. Selain K-Pop, aku juga suka nonton acara yang berhubungan sama Korean pop culture, kayak Korean Tasty Road (acara ini di-dubbing pake bahasa Mandarin, bonus besar buatku) dan K-Style. Menurutku ini salah satu hobi favorit sih, walaupun kayaknya nggak ada manfaatnya haha. Tapi hati senang pikiran pun jadi jernih, kadang pengetahuan pun bertambah. Nih aku kasih beberapa video yang aku suka tonton recently. 

2. Baca buku atau majalah. 
Aku bersyukur banget kalau orang tua udah ngebiasain aku untuk "doyan buku" sejak kecil. Inget banget dulu tuh di rumah ada koleksi buku cerita Disney satu set, lengkap, dan suka aku baca berulang-ulang. Majalah juga suka banget. Dulu tuh aku anak BoBo loh, bagian favoritku udah pasti cerpen sama cerita Paman Gembul haha. Pokoknya sejak kecil sampai sekarang ini aku nggak pernah jauh sama yang namanya buku sama majalah. Membaca itu nggak cuman nambah pengetahuan, tapi bisa juga jadi mood therapy. Kalau lagi bad mood, aktifitas paling ampuh buatku sih ya baca. Buat yang males baca buku, jaman sekarang ada yang namanya internet. Tinggal ketik keywords di Google, dia langsung kasih kamu sejuta jawaban yang kamu perlukan, jadi excuse malas baca udah nggak valid bro. Anyway, buat yang lagi cari bacaan, aku mau kasih rekomendasi dari rak bukuku sendiri nih. 

3. Pergi ke kafe sendirian, pretend to be a professional writer. 
Hobi ini lahir semenjak kuliah di Guang Zhou dulu haha. Dari dulu penasaran aja gimana rasanya ke kafe sendirian sebagai seorang penulis, kayak kebiasaannya Sitta Karina. Berasa keren aja bawa laptop, jurnal dan alat tulis ke kafe. Setelah order kopi, terus ceritanya sibuk nulis proyek buku, padahal sebenarnya nggak seserius itu haha. Well, I just love the moment while I'm sitting with myself and doing stuff that I like. Serius deh, kalau ada yang penasaran, boleh dicoba lho (; 

 Foto pas terakhir nongkrong sendirian.

Sebenarnya masih banyak hobi yang sering aku lakukan, kayak makan dan tidur (ini sih kayaknya kebutuhan primer yah, bukan hobi), strolling Instagram, nonton serial drama, dll. Saranku buat yang belum nemu hobinya apa atau yang lagi nyari hobi baru, just go out and explore. Sometimes all we need is just go out there, and try something new. Sesederhana itu sih, cuman kadang rasa malas mengalahkan semuanya, iya kan? Kalau hobi kamu bisa membawa dampak positif, baik buat kamu atau orang lain, bukannya itu keren? 

So, ada yang mau share hobinya? Just leave your comment below and let us know. Have a great Sunday everyone, stay awesome!
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