Sunday, July 5, 2015


I must admit it myself is not good enough as a reader. Every year I try to read more good books, any genres, fiction or non-fiction. This year I made a promise (again) to spend more money for more books. It's crazy because, usually, girls like to spend their money for pretty stuffs like make-ups, clothes, shoes or bags. I like those things too, but my brain always gives me a second thought for that. Can you tell me, which better: 700,000IDR for Harry Potter Novel Box Set or same price for Naked 3 Palette? :D

So here are some (local) books that I have read so far in this year. As you can see, yes I have been reading fictions, MetroPop for specific genre. I loveeee Ika Natassa! I purchased lots of her books recently. Since I read Twivortiare 2, I was like, "omaigat! Gue harus beli bukunya yang lain!" hahaha. Speaking of Ika Natassa, she published a new book called "Critical Eleven", which becomes so popularrr among her readers since she announced it from her Instagram. She opened pre-order for this new book last Wednesday, too bad I didn't get a copy ): It was really, literally crazehhh during the book pre-order day. 1,111 copies of the book sold out in 11 minutes! Say whaaaat #lifeoffamousauthorever

If you guys have recommendation of good books, please let me know, because I really want to spare my time for reading (not just for "bedtime reading"). Local or English version are fine. Actually I am still trying to finish the complete version of "The Little Woman" book that my friend, Etin, lent me last year. Please don't mad at me dear hahaha *peace*

Anyway, I never shared this in public, this is one of my random short story that I wrote. I just found it in my writing folder, and I was surprised knowing that I've written this! Three pages long. I hope you enjoy it! 

*please don't take this without my permission. I beg you!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Style Love: Jessica Jung Airport Style + Korean Girls Diets

One time, when I was shopping in a online local store, I found very cute outfits and asked my mom about it. My mom said this to me, "You know what, you have a good sense of fashion style, but why you always go out with that t-shirts and jeans and flat shoes? Try dress up! You're 23 not 13!". Yes ladies, I am the one who admires fashion magazines and articles, looking for latest fashion updates, knowing this pieces would look good with the other one, but at the end, myself always go for comfy t-shirts and jeans and flat shoes, just what my mom said, hahaha.

So, started this year, my mom actually encourages me to shop more for "grown-up look alike" outfits. I actually purchased some dresses, blouses, and sometimes still shop more tees. And as for references, I always pick Jessica Jung's airport looks. Did you guys remember this post? Jessica is my favorite for her airport looks. She always looks effortlessly gorgeous! She never fails with shirts tuck into her jeans and boom, it looks great!

1. Jessica's outfits colors palette: black, white, grey, blue, sometimes bright colors like pink or neon colors.
2. Jessica's favorite wardrobe: shirts, skinny jeans, blazers, flat shoes or sneakers, big bag or clutch.
3. Jessica's signature style: sunglasses! No wonder her loves for sunglasses brings her to have own sunglasses line called, Blanc & Eclare. Have you ladies heard about it?   

I found that every k-pop girls looks so flawless even in their everyday style or no make up days. The main reason why they always looking good, of course that rocking body and long legs (no wonder, they dance all the times, with heels!) and every fashion pieces on them. But really, what makes they look good, is the secret behind their healthy skin. Korean girls really like eating fruits. When I watch korean variety show, I found that every girls-group always pick fruits whenever they were served any kind of foods. For SNSD girls, they basically eat everything. I once heared about their eating habits rumour which for me is real crazy. What kind of human takes only 1,500 kcal for a day? I just found this article about their eating habits, it's very interesting. If you wonder around about their famous mannequin-body, or you maybe consider to take audition as a member of korean girl-group (who knows?), click this link to find more!

Anyway, I once picked this style and trying on myself when I bought this red sweater. Close enough? :P

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Words Can Heal, Words Can Kill

 Quote credit to Diana Rikasari and her #88LoveLife book

You know sometimes in any kind of relationships, when I am about into an argument and find someone saying things that not please myself, I always turn a really bad guy. I am easily hurting someone with my words, and you know exactly what would happen next after hurting someone. It even becomes worse if that person who is someone important in my life. I say sorry and the person (if I'm lucky enough) accepts my apologize and forgive me, then the problem solved. At this point, I forget something. Something that I can't take it back from the person I hurted. Yes ladies, sometimes words can heal someone, words can lift someone else up, the other times words can kill and hurt someone. Both good or bad words, they would be planted forever in someone's heart. You can't take it back. So, feel before thinking, think before speaking. #lessonlearned

Quick update! My friend, Jesslyn, who designed my #PassionTalk book's cover, and now designed my wedding invitation, texted me yesterday, told me that my invitations are finally done printed and the company shipped them all to her home. Yay! I can't wait to see them all! The printing process actually makes me and Andreas nervous for weeks. The company doesn't let us to have first print as a sample (you know, usually when you are about to print bunch of files, you have to see the first printed result, to check all contents, colors, materials, etc). It does make me crazy, guys! We might not have a massive numbers of our invitations, but still we have hundreds to print! This was one reason why I turned a bridezilla last month. But thanks God, Jesslyn told me everything were fine, the result is really as her expectations. I'm so relieved and so thankful. Work and plan a long-distance wedding with your long-distance fiance seriously not a real good idea. Please learn from my experiences ladies.

Have a good day for you all, stay awesome!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

My Daily Motivations

1. "Morning talk" with God and pray to Him before start my day. 

2. Always say "thank you" to everyone offers help to you, being nice or just makes your day. 

3. Power breakfast. Usually scrambled eggs with Fiesta stickies, or sometimes Indomie goreng pake telor (: 

4. Say "good morning" to every dearest people at home, and the one who lives far awayyy there :D

5. Never give up. Because life only comes once and besides, I'm half way there.
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