Friday, September 12, 2014

Simple Homemade Iced Latte with Starbucks Via Ready Brew

Making a perfect iced coffee at home is almost impossible for me. There's no coffee press or espresso machine (I plan to buy myself a coffee press later on my upcoming birthday!). Thanks to Starbucks they make this amazing product calls "Starbucks Via Ready Brew". Basically, it is like instant coffee, but hey it is Starbucks instant coffee. You can drink Starbucks at home. That just amazing.
You only need one sachet of the via brew, I used the Colombia one (just mix it with hot water), fresh milk, and some ice cubes. Pour the milk until the glass half full (or maybe little bit more), fill it with the ice cubes (coffee ice cubes is better). Then, this is my favorite part because this is the moment when the iced latte seems perfect. Pour the coffee on top, like a macchiato, and put your straw. Voila!

You can also add more sweetener, sugar, flavored syrup or anything that will please your mouth. I would like to add some vanilla syrup but I don't have any. This plain iced latte is more than enough for me. I am gonna try another coffee recipes, because make your own iced coffee at home is really cool. Sorry for the not so photogenic coffee. I was thinking it must be the ice cubes. The ice cubes melt so fast right after I hit them with the hot coffee. I looked up this recipe later I will try once again to make my iced coffee perfect.

Good luck on making of your own. Just keeping try until find your perfect iced coffee. Stay awesome!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

[GIVEAWAY] Your Passion Journey

Hello hello. Nggak kerasa udah enam bulan berlalu sejak terbitnya buku PassionTalk. Setiap baca ulang buku sendiri, rasanya aneh, seneng, nggak percaya, semuanya campur jadi satu. Impian nerbitin buku, udah ada sejak SMP, di mana saat itu lagi suka banget baca novel genre teenlit dan seri Chicken Soup. Walaupun PassionTalk diterbitkan secara self-publishing, namun saya seneng banget karena bisa menyelesaikan apa yang saya suka. Terkadang saya amaze sendiri melihat bagaimana cara kerja sebuah mimpi, atau passion di hidup seseorang. Lewat menulis, saya belajar mengenal diri sendiri maupun keadaan di sekitar. Lewat menulis juga, saya mendapatkan banyak feedback yang bisa membangun karir menulis ke depannya. Dan lewat menulis, I found some people told me that my writings marked their heart. It's crazy I know, but I always remind myself that those all are not about me, it's always about The Almighty One. So, buat teman-teman yang udah baca PassionTalk, terima kasih. (:

Sebelum melanjutkan buku berikutnya (yes, there will be always another book after the first one, right?), saya punya dua copies PassionTalk buat kalian yang belum baca. Cara untuk mendapatkannya mudah. Kalian tinggal masuk ke link giveaway ini, share passion atau mimpi kalian, baik yang belum diwujudkan maupun yang sedang "on the way". Kalian boleh bebas bercerita, tujuannya biar orang lain juga bisa menikmati cerita kalian dan we can encourage and bless each other. Dua tulisan terpilih, masing-masing akan mendapatkan 1 copy buku PassionTalk plus tanda tangan penulis :D

Aku tunggu cerita kalian ya! Stay awesome and be blessed!

PS: Preview PassionTalk, bisa dilihat di link berikut ini:

Monday, September 8, 2014

Back From The Town

Hello my beautiful readers, are you still there? I just came back from the town, well actually I got back here since last Saturday. I booked my flight to Jakarta and stayed in Bogor (Andreas's hometown) for almost two weeks. There are so many things that I've done, these three little moments are my most favorite part: 

(1) Meeting Andreas's family again, which is very very nice. I still can remember how I met his family for the first time, around two years ago. Man, it was so damn awkward!  Thank God after some trips we have been together, now I am getting closer with all of them. And this may sounds little bit cheesy, but it is so sweet when you are getting know more about your boyfriend from his family story. Hearing what Andreas usually did when he was a kid, or how his brothers always made pranks for him (and he always tried to take revenge but failed :P). Please telling me that I am blessed having them in my life (: 

(2) Finally I met up with GBI GZ friends! It has been for a long time guys, I really miss them all! Despite of not-so-good-service from the cafe we went, we had a really great time. We talked lots, we shared lots, took some selfies and we made a little earlier birthday surprise for our dear friend, Sastika! She didn't have any idea that time haha. Your birthday has passed already but I hope we made you happy!

(3) I didn't tell about my coming to anybody, including my two best girl friends, Kina and Jessica. I did a little surprise for both of them and I really did a very good job hahaha. Their "damn what are you doing here" face is sooo priceless! I am so glad we finally reunited and yeah I miss you both already. 

Okay, this blogpost is starting like a personal diary but whatever, because this is my blog and I am happy that the fact I am sitting in front of my laptop, blogging while watching TV on Monday. I hope you guys having a great Monday too. Stay awesome! 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

10 Things I've Learned Working at Starbucks

Hello my dear friends. Just for your little information, today was the day I ended my job as a barista at Starbucks. And now you sounded like "What? Did you just write the post reasons why you chose to work at Starbucks?". Well, it seven months passed already, and I don't get it how times jump that far. And yes, I was only working for seven months. 

I was dreaming about get a part time job at Starbucks since I was in highschool (and it was also on my 2012 life list, you may check my journal). Life seems like teasing me, even God loves to tease me since the beginning. I never thought I would find myself working at my favorite coffee shop, with my Chinese Education degree (funny that my friends out there working as a teacher, me busy making lattes for everyone), as a full timer, andddd... in Bali. But I am so thankful for this great opportunity. Working at Starbucks has taught me almost about everything. And now I am here, writing some of the things that I have learned:
1. Customers are always right.
This is quite obvious, but yeah it is. Customers always want to get the best, especially when it talks about coffee (everyone takes coffee seriously, did you know that?). Some of customers might ask for random drinks, some of them maybe don't have any clue what to order, or some of them hates the taste of the coffee that we just made. Thankfully, Starbucks is a big company. We are gonna make whatever you want until you feel satisfied and happy with your drinks. Your coffee tastes wrong? Sure, we are gonna make another one. It is our passion to brighten up your day (:   

2. Working with crazy people ever. Not literally crazy, I mean like you will meet bunch of different people. I was kinda "special" when I worked at Starbucks, I was the only one Chinese there, and it feels like you drowned in a wrong pool. The first month when I joined the team, I was trying hard to blend in. Long story short, I found out there's one or two people hates me. Not like really hate, but I know they don't like me. But I just don't care, I guess you guys has been those kind of situation too. Wherever you work at, you will find out some people doesn't like you. It's okay. People are just people. And this case taught me something familiar when I was in Sunday School: love the people who hates you and pray for them. 

3. Friends with local. Last week, I had little talk with my friend. He asked me why I chose to work at Starbucks, the money is not that good, especially when he knew my degree. Well, I told him it's not about the money. Yes I make minimum wage at Starbucks. Reason why I choose to work here because I want to friend with local people. I came here as a stranger, but I have to stay here. Getting know to the locals is a must for me. Understanding what they usually do and don't, learn the way they talk, getting know about the local tradition and so much more.

4. Barista is not always making coffee. I mop the floor, I clean up the merchandise shelf, I change the dustbin bags, and any other else. You would never imagine how we work daily.   

5. I have to memory all of drinks menu in Chinese. Our store customers mostly are Chinese tourist. So, speaking in Chinese is a must. I jotted all the menus from Starbucks chinese site. It sounds silly at the first time, but we are getting used to. Let me tell you how to say" frappuccino" in Chinese... it is "Xing-Bing-Le" (星冰乐). :D

6. Smile a lot. Because it helps. Sometimes I don't feel energized for work or maybe "a special monthly guest" are coming, but smile cures everything. Start with fake smiles is okay. Your job is make someone's day, start from yourself first, and spread it out.
7. Treat customers like friends. And don't be surprise if you will get few new real friends after that. This is why we are trained to memory customer's name, especially for those regular one. 

 Meet my favorite regular customers hereee. They are Taiwanese who also work at the same mall building where I worked in. They are so nice, friendly and soo adorable. I am gonna miss them all (':

8. You should read The Book Onward. Before you decided to join the green team, kindly asking for you to read this book first. Learning about a company where you are gonna work in is important. Ps: thanks for Andreas's brother who surprised me with this book, after two months I wore my green apron :P

9. This is kinda little trivia, yet really interesting: Korean people always goes for Americano, Chinese people always goes for Xing Bing Le, Australians always goes for Flat White, and local people always goes for promotions like "buy 1 get 1" hehehe.

10. Starbucks is not only about making coffee, you make experience through your coffee.

Working at Starbucks took me to another new experience, new world and also another opportunities. I am gonna miss everything: making coffee for customers, making free coffee for myself (hehe), hearing awkward jokes with the Balinese friends (seriously, sometimes I don't get it what they're talking about, I just laugh), sharing nasi bungkus at break time...  

Times flies, and my life still goes on. I had some plans already to move another chapter. I am gonna put deadlines for each of my plans. Wish me luck, friends. Whatever you are doing right now, keep going and don't forget to stay awesome! 

Oh anyway, I have one question. Have you ever working a job that you never expected? How does it feel like? And what has the job taught you? Share your story at the comment box below and I would really like to read it!
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