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Gnomeo & Juliet

First, I haven't greet you all a Happy Valentine's day 2 days ago, so Happy Belated Valentine's Day for who celebrated it, maybe with your boyfriend, family, and friends (:
I didn't do nothing on 14 feb, I have made some chocolates, but in the end, they are all eaten by my brother and dad, hahaha! I failed to make it this time, I bought wrong chocolate bars and when I tried to melt it, it was failed ): but I still prepared some for my boyfriend. I just gave him yesterday, the chocolates tastes good but it's too sweet for him. I was so happy I can give him my homemade chocolate on our first valentine (:

Anyway, I should to watch this movie last night. But sadly the cinema haven't have this movie yet, I want to watch this so badddd! I've watch the trailer and I think this movie is CUTE!
It's a animation movie based on classic story "Romeo And Juliet" by William Shakespeare. Who doesn't know Romeo and Juliet? Even Chinese legend story has dif…
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