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Eat in Guang Zhou: 金家园 (Jin Jia Yuan)

Guang Zhou was very hot yesterday. SO HOT. I got a terrible headache but I am okay now. A glass of vitamin c helps me to get better. Me and boyfriend had Korean dishes for our lunch yesterday. Basically, I don't really like Korean dishes, it tastes different with other Asian foods (is it only me or you think so too?) But no in this place. The restaurant located not far from my boyfriend's university. I think they cook in different way, I am not sure.

 Korean popular dishes Naengmyeo

I don't really understand why many of my friends love to eat cold noodles. It's good but it's hard to swallow. Feels like stuck on my throat. I felt bad I didn't finish it, so sorry ): Lesson today: never order what you aren't going to eat it.

Delicious Squid Rice, I supposed to order this!

Spicy Rice Cake, or in Korean is Tteokbokki 떡볶이 This is my favoriteeeeeeee!
The only dishes that I finished LOL
Anyway, GOOD NEWS. The last Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 2 FINALLY will be…

Eat in Guang Zhou: "I am not very hungry."

I woke up earlier today without any reason... well, actually yeah I have a reason. I want to have McDonald's breakfast this morning, but I didn't set the alarm to wake me up last night. The breakfast packet only from 06:00-11:00 AM, so I just got up and rushed to McD immediately. Thanks God McDonald counter is near my school building, it's exactly near by the Hongkong restaurant I posted here. It was 08:30 and I got home with my yummy breakfast.
Because of the breakfast reason, I didn't eat much for my lunch. I will have meat on my plate casually, but for that afternoon I only had eggplant rice for my lunch. I felt so healthy when I ate this, hahaha! I don't really eat vegetables before and I hate eggplant the most, but since I live in Guangzhou, I eat any kind of vegetables, amazing huh am I? My mom will be so happy if she knows about this.

it doesn't really like an eggplant right? this is so delicious!

This is kinda a spicy pork thing, I tell you... very ver…

Until The Very End

I haven't watched the last part of Harry Potter Deathly Hallows yet, but I cried already.
Harry Potter was a part my childhood memory, I still remember I was bought the second book "Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret" which is my favorite book from Harry Potter when I was in elementary school.
Can I press the reset, and we go back to the very first one? ):

credit to mionewazlib | tumblr

Eat in Guang Zhou - Simple Eat

We had a late lunch for today, I was so hungry and I almost forget to take my food picture until my boyfriend reminded me of that, hahaha. We went to my boyfriend campus area, I just love to have my lunch there, they have my favorite things to eat, especially these all that I will post below!

I had meatballs again for my lunch, hahaha! But this is different, this food comes from a place in China, "潮州" (read: Chao Zhou), it's Chao Zhou's specialty. I knew this place from my boyfriend, his loves to eat this every time he goes to campus. And FYI, his family are 潮州人 too, so maybe this is the another reason :P

You can pick any kind of meatballs and another addition you want when order, they also have different price, according to what you ordered. Oh, and... all of meatballs are homemade (:

this is the special thing that I love, Fish Skin Dumpling!
I always have this whenever I eat here, hahaha

After lunch at here, never forget to have some favorite drink too :D

58C (or we…

Eat in Guang Zhou: From Dragon Hole to IKEA

Sorry before I missed the post for day 3, I was very tired on that day so I couldn't post up the pictures here. So here is, I will show you now.

I went to a place called "龙洞" (read: Long Dong - dragon hole in English, hahaha!) for lunch and bought some various snacks there. I used to love visit this place in the first semester for buy some cheap clothes, but now I love this place because they have many kind of food, especially for their 小吃 (xiao chi - means snacks or 'jajanan kecil' in Bahasa). I went to a food stand which sell Macau Noodle, well it likes fried noodle, but they have different flavor, it's very good! Too bad I forgot to take the picture of the noodle, I was so excited (and hungry) to eat it, so yeah no pictures of this QQ noodle |:

Not getting enough with the noodle, me also bought another snacks, this is the most favorite snacks too, me and my friends fall in love with this snacks. I don't know how to say in English, but they sell somethi…

Eat in Guangzhou: Another 'Hongkong'

Okay, it's a lame title, but what I will show you below something related to Hongkong (again). Remember that I've mentioned before in this post about one of Hongkong restaurant near my school? I had my dinner today there. I'm not really hungry so I just ate this delicious mian (noodle ♨) .  It tastes like Indomie, Indonesian instant noodle, hahaha. But this is different, there were couple sausages and eggs in the noodle, really YUM! Actually this is my favorite order when winter season, but it's okay too if you eat in summer.

Oh, I don't really sure it should be day two or day three, but there was a bonus post so I think this should be "day two". Enjoyyyyy! Slruppp!

Something Founded in HK (BONUS POST)

I came back from 15 hours trip to Hongkong yesterday. I spent the day with Sastika after we finished our music training in church. 
I was so excited in Hongkong, sadly I didn't have much time to enjoy every single place in there. Probably next time!
I arrived at the guest house with my boyfriend to meet Sastika and we decided to have lunch first before we went to the church. We wanted to eat Burger King before I realized a small Chinese restaurant near the BK location. So we changed our plan from BK to this little place for eat. And you know what, WE LOVE THIS PLACE! The food and the waiters are amazing! The one who served us, taught us little Cantonese so we ordered with the menu based what she taught us hahaha. 
Don't mind our sweaty face... thank you hot summer!
Hainan Boneless Chicken, my boyfriend's favorite!

and this what Sastika ordered, Chicken with Garlic Sauce Rice. 

now turn me, I ordered Vietnamese Chicken Rice for myself.
Trust me, this is SOOOO GOOD.

We prom…

Eat in Guang Zhou: Pizza Mania

So we went to Saizeria for lunch. What is Saizeria? It's a place where you can enjoy pizza, any kinds of pasta and snacks like chicken wings, sausages, etc. This is my favorite place to eat pasta! I don't really like pizza but sometime I will order it too. So these are what I ordered for our lunch :D

chef's recommended! Margherita Pizza
something cheesy there, nyum!

Chicken Pops.
my favorite *love*

this is what my boyfriend ordered, Spaghetti with Spinach.
Taste not bad (:

and this is what I ordered, Seafood Doria!
nyum nyum! squid zooooom! :D
Oh, another reason why I love Saizeria. They have friendly prices, RMB20 *26,800 rupiahs* for one pan of pizza, and RMB10 *13,400 rupiahs* only for their pasta (spaghetti, doria, etc). Wohoo!

So this is for the first day of my challenges. I have to go leave Guangzhou tomorrow for two days so I made this post. I'll be back for another post, okay? (:
Anyway, thanks my bb Sastika for her camera! She lent me her camera for this project, hah…

30 Days Challenges (officially announced!)

Finally I got the idea for 30 days challenges. I told my boyfriend about this project and asked him to help me. He said it should be a challenge that I love or I like to do, well I said I love food (lol!) No, no I won’t do a challenge like Julie Powell did, she loves food and cook, I love food and eat! Hahaha. So, I will tell you about special delicious food, my favorite various snacks in Guangzhou, place where I live now, I will write everyday about it for 30 days, which is for a month during my summer holiday. I make the list for this challenges, this is a sneak-peak for the food. Drooling drooling!


Oh almost forgot about the day, I will start this project next week on Wednesday.
Anyway, remember that I had said about I got a job from my aunt in her trading company couple months ago? Well, I don’t work there. My aunt wants me focusing for college, beside, she said they need a full-time worker, and I am a full-time college students too, so yeah, I don’t take that jo…
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