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Blog Interviews 02: Arriane "Wanderrgirl" Serafico - A Game Changer

One day, when I was checking my Tumblr dashboard, I looked to Abbey’s. She posted something about an event, called #Blogworthy and it was very interesting. It’s a workshop to learn some blogging lessons and meet so many inspirational people. I was very curious, then I tried to find out about who’s behind this creative event, and that time, finally for the first time, I knew this amazing young woman.
I was so into her blog. Her blog is really like a ‘treasure trove’ for me; where I can find any inspirations, motivation and some tips for to-be-better young people, it’s very worthwhile. She writes in fun way, every single post makes me smile or even laugh. She’s a very good writer!
She once said in her blog, never afraid to ask somebody who really inspires me. Ask, talk or email them, anything! You never know a miracle will come when you dare yourself to ask. Well, miracle did happen for me this morning. When I checked emails from my Blackberry, there's an email from "Arriane Ser…

Inspiring Video: "Follow Me to Work Day" by Michelle Phan

A simple, sweet and beautiful video made comes from Michelle Phan, one of famous makeup guru that I know from Youtube. I don't know about her before, but I have watched her video once or twice. This is my favorite video so far, I always love how people documented their daily life and share it as a video, maybe someday I can make it too
This video mostly shows us how she does her morning routine, well, something surprises me, she flies A LOT for work, is that cool? She even works in a company that she owns, called Ipsy. After watching this video, I believe everyone of us wants to be like her. Maybe we don't commute by plane for work, but somehow we want to be settled with a job that we love, like Michelle does.
So this is a thing that I can share to all of you in today, I hope you guys have a really good evening. Stay awesome!

Life Under Berry(gram)

This is a post represent my apologize for lack updates. Freegate has a big problem these days, I'm afraid it doesn't available anymore for social-networking reasons (am still okay without Facebook or Twitter, but no with blogging T.T).
I made a new look for my blog, can you see it? Yes, the new pink header! *clapping*

Thanks to Photoshop for helping me, since I don't have special ability with Photoshop thing (it's really for a long time I didn't touch this blue icon with "Ps" logo), it has done with simple one. Who doesnt't love simplicity? Less is better!
Anyway, we are almost halfway through the year. We are in the mid of October already, life is getting FASTER MAN. FASTER. There are so many things wait to be done, so let's focus for our major goals this year and no regrets in the end (:
I just had a single trip to Hong Kong two days ago with Andreas. Yippie yay!. He came for two weeks to have some business things and a little rest from his wo…


photo credit: (photoshopped by me)
What have I been up to recently? I'm pretty fine, life is good. Try to learn something new everyday, still learn how to deal with myself, still learning how to deal with people whom you love so much... iron sharpens iron, a man sharpens the face of his friend, right? So, yeah... my life is so wonderful. It's too bad if I don't share something I have learned to all of you.
Few months ago, when I was reading Alanda Kariza's book, Dream Catcher, she wrote about Steve Jobs's commencement at Stanford University in 2005. I was wondering so I checked for it immediately on Youtube. My heart feels so warm, touched and more than that... inspired, by this amazing person. And suddenly, I found myself, I miss Jobs. 
Too bad, we lost the most powerful person in this world last year. But I believe, Jobs never regretted about how he gave all of his potential and big ideas for us from his big works. I'm not an Apple person, but at lea…

Fashion 911

This is the real emergency, fashion emergency! So I made it to "fashion 911", smart enough? :P The situation right here is, I have three pieces of fall/winter outfits that I REALLY don't have any idea how to wear them (in different way). I don't really smart about fashion, but since this year is gonna be my last winter, I want to dress nicely than before. You can tell me something like "you can wear this with this cute pants" or "this outfits will work with this t-shirt!" or anything. Let's take a look the "helpless outfits" here:
I bought this cute sweater last year when my Mom came to visit me. The cheapest sweater I ever have. When I saw this, I asked my Mom how was it and then she let me to buy. Last time I wore this with a purple tights and it's a disaster -_- what do you think?

The second outfit is this semi-blazer. I bought this when I was in high school. I reall wanted to wear a blazer but in fun way so I decided to buy th…

Airport Fashion Show: Jessica and Tiffany, SNSD

Do you guys ever hear about Girls' Generation (SNSD) airport fashion? Well if you are a SONE and a fashion observer holic, you probably know about this. If you don't, google to find it! I don't know since when or exactly the "airport fashion" influence the kpop stars in the airport. I'm pretty sure there are also many fashion airport pictures of other artists, but as a big fan, for me, SNSD fashion are the best!
If you want to know about their personal fashion style, don't find it on their album concept or performance outfits, airport fashion is the right answer! SNSD airport always attractive me. As they grow up, their fashion sense has became a huge attention for young people in Korea, especially for the girls. I have one special folder for SNSD airport fashion in my computer. Just in case if I need some outfits ideas! Among the nine girls, I have my favorite airport fashion from SNSD, they are... yes, Jessica and Tiffany!
This is an old picture from fa…

Music Love: "My Sunshine" by Tiffany Alvord

'Like tryin'to stop the sun from shining,
And I can't help it,
And I can't hide it.
You're my love,
I've decided.

What is this feeling?
I keep fallin',
Faster, Further.
No more questions,
You're the answer.

'Cause this is love,
And this is life.
'Cause everything I wanted.
'Cause this is here,
And this is now.
'Cause you're always on my mind.
And like the sunshine,
We're never gonna think.
I'll stay here for always,
And never gonna change.
'Cause you're my Sunshine.

'Like when the sky is blue,
And the grass is green,
And I can't help it every time.
I'm so lucky that you're mine.

What is this feeling,
All through the day,
And all through the night.
You make my world shine.

And when it's dark,
And when it's cold.
I know you'll hold me tight.
I know that we're in love,
And I know you'll treat me right.

And when it's dark,
And when it's cold,
You'll hold me in your …

Brought Back From Bali

As my promise before, I dropped by to bring some holiday pictures! Not too many, because I haven’t transfer some pictures in my camera to computer and sorry a little bit too late. I give up for the internet speed here, I miss my dorm’s internet speed ):

Anyway, enjoy my pictures and I still wish you guys have a great holiday and happy fasting for my Moslem friends (: 
 my first day lunch after my family arrived: Ayam Tempoeng! 
Teh Susu from Teh Poci is the best ♥
the great GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana)
Say hi to my Dad! (:
 Little brother seemed so busy building his own castle!

Last but not least, mi familia!

Start An Enjoyable Day

This post is related to this post, I posted in Bahasa before now I'm gonna post in English version. There supposed to be a short video about this, but it was delayed. Too bad but I try to make it happen! *poke someone* So, enjoy this post. I hope you guys have a enjoyable day, stay blessed! (:


Do you know how to start an enjoyable day?
When you are ready to step outside the door to see world’s activities, do not forget to pick a comfortable pair of shoes to be worn. One has said, a good shoe gives a comfortable feeling to you, and will bring you to some place you have never imagined. After the most comfortable shoe has worn yet do not forget to whisper to yourself ‘I give thanks to God and I am ready for today!’. When you are seeing the world, never forget to always put smile. Smile makes everything wonderful, smile gives warmth to all things. Give your smile to a steward who serves your breakfast, smile when you see a kid who is running happily to the school. Smile…

Suddenly, Bali!

From Kuta beach with love ♥ Too bad this morning Bali was raining, so it's a little bit gloomy. But now the sun is coming out! 
Hi everyone!
I'm so glad to tell to all of you that I'm in BALI right now! I just arrived safely here yesterday, my brother who lives here picked me up then I stay in his kos for four days until my parents come in next few days. Yap yap, I'm gonna have a family vacation here. Sounds great? I guess this will be a perfect summer holiday! Sorry for bad quality picture above, it was taken by my phone. My Mom is gonna bring the camera so I promise there will be many pictures I can share to you. I can't wait to explore Bali more and more, shopping and eat seafood! I miss Bali A LOT.
Anyway, I found a good read again from Cassandra's blog right here, she wrote about how the little random things can make us happy if you want, this is so true. Life is too short to complain, why don't you choose for happy instead?
Short post from me and I h…

Hello Dolly

Sorry for the random title, I just named it by the song I am listening to :P Say YAY for holiday! Finally my exam weeks are over and thank God I can through all of them very well and the scores are pretty well too. I was surprising myself because I was getting lazy for study this semester, but it was over, I don’t care anymore and let’s wait for the next semester! (I will be a SENIOR can you believe that??)
I’ve been feeling so inspired lately, I read a lot of stuffs now I want to share some goodies to all of you. Maybe after read these, they can brighten up your days (: 
Marc and Angel Blog: (inspirational life-lessons)Ice Pandora: (pictures goodies! ♥)Bubzbeauty: (my new beauty guru! watch her youtube channel is a must!)Memorable Days: (it’s a simple blog with cute stuffs inside!)
Last, I want to tell you a good news! I was featured by GoGirl! Magazine, no no not as a fashion blogger of co…

What Faith Can Do


It All Started In Starbucks!

I believe every one of you have your own favorite place to be reminded of. Maybe that will be your school building, because you spent half of your life there or because you met your first crush in that place. And it will be a playground, because you spent half your childhood-life with your childhood friends in there. So many places can be your favorite place because you left some beautiful and fun moments in that place.
Today, I spent my day with my dear roommate, Tika, to prepare our final tests. We went to our favorite coffee shop, and you guess it right, Starbucks! I fell in love with this place since I came to Guangzhou. Sounds cliche if you say. Everybody loves Starbucks, but everybody has different reasons why they love this coffee shop. I love this place for get some inspirations, ideas or just have a ME time. This place has a very great atmosphere that makes you feel like to stay for any longer. I already visited the other Starbucks counters but there's no one makes me l…

Good Bye

Trust me, it's not a sad post.
First, do you guys miss me? :P I miss my blog A LOT. I miss writing. I miss writing like this without even care about words amount that I type, like what I did with my assignment papers *sigh*
Back to writing topic, when I opened up my blogspot dashboard few days ago, I spotted that my best friend, Sastika, finally posted up many of new writings. Last time I checked her blog she didn’t write anything and when I stalked around in her blog again after watched her video cover with Agustine (which is very good one and surprisingly, I became their first official fan! *GO GO GI!*), I found a post that made me a little bit emotional. If you wonder which post is it, click this one.
Good bye. I have a same thought with Sastika too, why people always say there’s a GOOD in goodbye word. I never understand about that word before until I said it to my beloved one. 
the day we separated for good.
It has been a week after the day he went home to Indonesia and I c…

I'm A Dreamer

credit: Jonahliza

This is a dreamer writing about her dream in two or three years later.
I’m preparing my first book launching day! I am wearing a very nice chiffon purple long sleeve-shirt, black skinny pants and a pair of black pump shoes. I’m doing a little re-touch in rest room with my best friend. A staff from my publisher suddenly came by, she called me to be ready for the event. I’m so nervous, yet exciting at the same time! I’m walking to the ballroom, where the event is going to be held. You know what, the moment when I am being interviewed about my first book in front of the people -who are my lovely readers and of course my beloved family members, friends and boyfriend, it is really amazing and thrilling me! I can see clearly a proud smile on my parents’ face, and we have full of happiness and great atmosphere on that day! Oh, the event is a private only, not so many people in the room, so I can communicate with all of them... free and ease. I speak some gratitude words, I s…

Counting Your Happiness

Credit: Pinterest
Do you usually count your happiness in a day? What’s happiness to you? Happiness is always around you, it is just you want it or not. Happiness comes every time in anywhere. I read a post from Alodita about “counting your happiness”, and last night unfortunately I found Tara's postabout same thing too. She followed by Alodita’s post and made her own happiness list.
There’s a lot of happiness I got recently, well… every day! Let’s see what I got here:
Started from Tuesday, I’m officially becoming a piano instructor. Okay, or just call it simple… piano teacher.  And the next two days, I got a very nice compliment from my friend about something that I’ve done. Yesterday when I was in class, my Mom sent me pictures of my dog at home and I couldn’t stop to laugh! She’s very adorable dog! Now I miss her. My boyfriend and his brother came back to Guangzhou two days ago from a business trip. Although their flight was delayed because the bad w…

Chasing Childhood Dreams

Few days ago, me and my friends went to my boyfriend’s living apartment to play monopoly cards and eat some food together. We arrived earlier and my boyfriend wasn’t at home yet, so we stopped by at a playground around his apartment.
It was drizzling through day, so no one’s there to play. We were playing happily like five years old kiddos. Well, we know we’re not in that ages anymore, but it just happened spontaneously, like we never knew about our real ages! 

I didn’t write this post without reason, I have something to tell you about. 

Last night, I checked on Cassandra’s formspring (yeah I'm such a stalker lol) and as usual, she got so many questions from her fans. Then I got a very interesting question, “I am curious of being 20s, it’s like the age of losing childhood dreams, is it right? What’s your opinion?” So Cass’s answer is, “I disagree. It is the age of CHASING childhood dreams.” Okay, now you got my point, right? Hehe. When I read this, I was like… yeah, that’s so true!�…
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