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A True Friend

A pictures with my very best friend since childhood.  See our faces? Yes, we're happy yet so sad, because we're gonna to separate again.  But true friend, never mind about the long distance 'friend-relationship', right?
Dedicate to my true friends.  Whoever you are, thanks being my true friend (:


A true friend,  They have another lots of friends, but never forget about us.
A true friend,  They have lots problems to solve, but always available for us.
A true friend, They make a real smile on our face, the beautiful smile, not a fake. 
A true friend,  They hear, they cry, the hug, they cheer us up whenever we fall.
 A true friend,  They like an energy pill whenever we try to give up.
And... "You're a true friend, you're here 'till the end."

"A True Friend" ©2012 Inspiration: "True Friend" by Hannah Montana

The Place Called Home

After a longggg hours trip, finally I'M HOME. I just arrived at Jakarta safely last night with my Mom and boyfriend, Andre, the way you can call him now (: Our flight from Hong Kong has delayed and we had to wait for a half hour in the boarding gate and half hour more in the plane. A little bit tired, but we are so happy finally home with family (:
Anyway, we spent one night in Hong Kong, we stayed  in Mom's friend house and they took us to walk in the town. Fun fact about us: even though we already knew about our "overweight" luggage, but we couldn't hold ourselves to shopping in Hong Kong! Haha! Psst, I also got my new blouse from H&M! Less minutes before we get to airport, we were so busy re-pack our stuffs (please don't try this :P).
Finally, few pictures at last! Enjoy!
Me, Mom and my super nice Auntie who lives in Hong Kong. She treated us in a Chinese Restaurant, we had a delicious dishes that night! Yum!
My Mom's friend's family. Trust m…

Not A Resolution

This is not a resolution list, but something that I want to do MORE in this twenty twelve year. So, here they are:
1.My mom said, “You’re growing up, stop buying t-shirts already! You should buy something make you mature or anything. And for shoes, go get some heels or flats, anything girlie.” Well, I think she’s totally right! So I stop buying sneakers and t-shirts, try to get some pretty flats and beautiful blouses or shirts in this year! Currently craving for these: Malta Button Top by Cotton On, Blue Sweater from H&M and a beautiful backpack from J.ESTINA (which is seems so impossible to get it ^^;). I'm looking for some new flats too!

2.I am always having a lack of creative writing, after I realized, I don’t read any books in last year. I mean, yes I read... but I don’t put a commitment to read it. You should have a commitment in diet-project, in a marriage or relationship, you will make a relationship with book so I think we should have the commitment thing. I try to re…
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