The Place Called Home

After a longggg hours trip, finally I'M HOME. I just arrived at Jakarta safely last night with my Mom and boyfriend, Andre, the way you can call him now (: Our flight from Hong Kong has delayed and we had to wait for a half hour in the boarding gate and half hour more in the plane. A little bit tired, but we are so happy finally home with family (:

Anyway, we spent one night in Hong Kong, we stayed  in Mom's friend house and they took us to walk in the town. Fun fact about us: even though we already knew about our "overweight" luggage, but we couldn't hold ourselves to shopping in Hong Kong! Haha! Psst, I also got my new blouse from H&M! Less minutes before we get to airport, we were so busy re-pack our stuffs (please don't try this :P).

Finally, few pictures at last! Enjoy!

Me, Mom and my super nice Auntie who lives in Hong Kong. She treated us in a Chinese Restaurant, we had a delicious dishes that night! Yum!

My Mom's friend's family. Trust me, they are so lovely!

Giordano "I ♥ HK"

Me, Mom and Andre at the boarding gate. "Gonna meet Jakarta soon! :P"


  1. Wow lucky you can visit HK, I want it but still can go there :( You look so cute ^^ love the third photos :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  2. Checheeee... Welcome jiaaa! ^ ^
    Huanying niiii :')

  3. Hey !
    Hong Kong must be a great place to visit and to shop. I want to go there some day :)
    Ps: I'm going to follow you on Tumblr.


  4. nice pics, the black coat looks good on you. and welcome to Indonesia :D

  5. Fun pictures :) I want to visit HK someday!

  6. Looks like you had a great time, I miss HK so much! Wish I can go back more often!

  7. Lovely photos!

  8. love your holiday outfit! great pitures!

  9. nice photos, i like the photos of you at I "heart" HK!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  10. cute photos dear. like the one with the heart :)

  11. Welcome home, dear Jane :)
    Love the family pictures! I always love blogger who post their pics <3
    hope you'll have tons of fun in your hometown!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  12. Nice pictures dear :) have fun at Jakarta! <3


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