Saturday, March 3, 2012

Spring Favorite

Some reasons why do I love spring season: 

1. Everything about amazing prints in the store. Flowers, flowers and some flowers!
2. The weather becomes friendlier (of course than now, humid climate!). 
3. I can clearly meet Mr. Sun almost everyday. 
4. Start to make summer holiday plan...

I just found perfect spring-outfit idea in "Who What Wear", and surprisingly... they picked Rachel Bilson as the "guest editor" choice! *happydance*

"Since we have a hunch you're on the same page, dear readers, we asked Bilson to share her spring must-have list as our February Guest Editor! From dainty rings to boldly printed pants, Bilson's picks are just as chic as the actress herself!"
Check the full article in here

Bilson's spring essentials is truly lovely. She always to wear a simple top like a basic tee and pair it with amazing pants or something fabulous like this Zara pants. Wear something good on your favorite season is a must!

So, do you prepare something for Spring? Tell me about it (:


  1. hi, I definitely agree with why you love spring cos I love it for the same reason =)refreshing air and fun playful prints allover!!

    cheers, Carla

  2. love that hat!

  3. it's a great inspiration! love the dresses and the pastel colours :)

  4. Spring is lovely because you can layer, but not so much that you get lost in layers. All you need is a cardigan and maybe some tights but you won't freeze. I love the florals too, of course!

  5. nice blog!! heart this post <3

  6. aww i love spring too . and it make me cant wait for summer holiday . yeayyy

  7. Can't wait for spring!

  8. i definitely shopped a lot of floral items! LOL
    yeay to warmer weather!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  9. hi there lovely! i love reading your blog! im following you! :)

    please visit my blog and follow back :)

    xx.dannah <3

  10. I love the lip smacker, I have one in cola flavour. To get ready for spring I generally buy myself some nice bright clothes and new make up :) xx

  11. hi there lovely! thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! means a lot! xx now im following you. hope you could follow back :) have a nice day! love you blog, btw. :)

    kisses from the Phillipine Island :*

    XO dannah

  12. the row handbagnya bagus ya.. tp the row harganya ga kira2 deh.. hoho..

    i'm looking for anything pastel and floral for spring!

  13. i like this post, it's like a magazine page! keep posting!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  14. I hope you have a fantastic spring break...
    and I totally love those little booties you picked out ;)


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