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Counting Your Happiness

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Do you usually count your happiness in a day? What’s happiness to you? Happiness is always around you, it is just you want it or not. Happiness comes every time in anywhere. I read a post from Alodita about “counting your happiness”, and last night unfortunately I found Tara's postabout same thing too. She followed by Alodita’s post and made her own happiness list.
There’s a lot of happiness I got recently, well… every day! Let’s see what I got here:
Started from Tuesday, I’m officially becoming a piano instructor. Okay, or just call it simple… piano teacher.  And the next two days, I got a very nice compliment from my friend about something that I’ve done. Yesterday when I was in class, my Mom sent me pictures of my dog at home and I couldn’t stop to laugh! She’s very adorable dog! Now I miss her. My boyfriend and his brother came back to Guangzhou two days ago from a business trip. Although their flight was delayed because the bad w…

Chasing Childhood Dreams

Few days ago, me and my friends went to my boyfriend’s living apartment to play monopoly cards and eat some food together. We arrived earlier and my boyfriend wasn’t at home yet, so we stopped by at a playground around his apartment.
It was drizzling through day, so no one’s there to play. We were playing happily like five years old kiddos. Well, we know we’re not in that ages anymore, but it just happened spontaneously, like we never knew about our real ages! 

I didn’t write this post without reason, I have something to tell you about. 

Last night, I checked on Cassandra’s formspring (yeah I'm such a stalker lol) and as usual, she got so many questions from her fans. Then I got a very interesting question, “I am curious of being 20s, it’s like the age of losing childhood dreams, is it right? What’s your opinion?” So Cass’s answer is, “I disagree. It is the age of CHASING childhood dreams.” Okay, now you got my point, right? Hehe. When I read this, I was like… yeah, that’s so true!�…

Apakah Harimu Menyenangkan?

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Kamu tau bagaimana cara memulai hari yang menyenangkan? 
Ketika kamu siap untuk melangkahkan kakimu keluar pintu melihat aktifitas dunia, jangan lupa memilih sepatu yang nyaman untuk dipakai. Seseorang pernah mengatakan, sepatu bagus yang memberikan rasa nyaman padamu, akan membawa dirimu ke suatu tempat yang tidak akan pernah kita pikirkan. Setelah memastikan sepatu ternyamanmu, jangan lupa berbisik kepada dirimu sendiri, “aku bersyukur kepada Tuhan dan aku siap untuk hari ini!”. 
Ketika kamu sedang menjumpai dunia, jangan lupa untuk terus tersenyum. Senyum membuat segalanya indah, senyum membuat semuanya terasa hangat. Kamu bisa memberikan senyum kepada sang penjual kopi di mana kamu membeli sarapanmu, kamu bisa memberikan senyum ketika melihat anak kecil berlari dengan riang menuju sekolahnya. Senyum yang akan mengantarmu kepada hari yang positif.
Ketika kamu sedang berjalan, aku percaya akan banyak kerikil dan batu-batu kecil yang berserakan di jalan. Kal…
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