Sunday, November 25, 2012

Inspiring Video: "Follow Me to Work Day" by Michelle Phan

A simple, sweet and beautiful video made comes from Michelle Phan, one of famous makeup guru that I know from Youtube. She's pretty nice, I don't know about her before, but I have watched her video once or twice. This is my favorite video so far, I always love how people documented their daily life and share it as a video, maybe someday I can make it too

This video mostly shows us how she does her morning routine, well, something surprises me, she flies A LOT for work, is that cool? She even works in a company that she owns, called Ipsy. Gue yakin banget, kebanyakan cewek muda ingin sekali mempunyai sebuah pekerjaan yang sudah mapan di umur 21-26an seperti saat ini. Gue nggak tau kalian setuju atau tidak, tapi gue berpendapat, daripada masa muda dihabiskan untuk hal yang percuma, lebih baik mencari cara untuk memapankan diri. 

So this is a thing that I can share to all of you in this evening, I hope you guys have a really good evening; for you that will go out for party, have some fun! For you that just stay at home like me through the night, have a great time too. Be blessed! (:


  1. Wow imagine flying to work! I would love that but I could imagine it might get stressful and after a while it might get annoying. I love peeking into a day in the life of people and I love that she said that she makes goals for herself instead of expectations, that's such a nice way to look at things :). xx

    Almost Delightful

  2. I remember following her blog before she even became a Youtube sensation back in high school! She really has been able to become crazy successful and her story is so inspiring. :)


  3. Wow, amazing! xo

  4. I replayed the video to see how big and huge her shoes collections are!
    Nice video you shared :D


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