Thursday, December 27, 2012

K-Indie music inspirations: Maybe you need them to relax.

I'm really not sure if I able to say 'k-indie' (yes I mean it, Korean Indie), but what kind of music they are, you have to hear all of these (:

Hectic weeks that I had since two weeks ago and finally today is over. I need something to refresh my mind; I had a very good lunch with some friends then had a nice cup of milk tea from Coco (they called it 三兄弟, which is you will get pearls, pudding and grass jelly all in your milk tea, they translated it to English and it sounds very weird... "three guys") and came back to dorm and have me-time with Youtube-ing!

I'm getting bored with K-pop recently (not mention I'm bored with Girls' Generation, because they're gonna to release their new Korean album!), so I tried different kind of Korean music, then I choose K-Indie. Some my favorite videos that I will share with you guys today, let's grab a cup of hot green tea or maybe your favorite coffee, a nice book and enjoy your time!

this my most favorite! I always imagine about the scene of this song before I found the video on Youtube haha :P 

Please check more songs from them! "Urban Zakapa" is my new love! 

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