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Re-post: Grateful Lesson from Bubzbeauty!

(I made another Tumblr blog during my hiatus on blogger. I wrote few posts and this one is my favorite, wrote in May 29. Hope you guys enjoy!)

Last night when I walked around in Youtube, I found Bubz uploaded a new video to her channel, Bubzbeauty. When I read the title, I made a guess that she probably shows us what usually she does before night bed andd.. yeah, I’m right :P
But what makes this video so special (for me, yes it’s special), how Bubz shows us the little things around her make her feel happy. Play for minutes with your doggies after you went through the whole day- makes you happy. Checking email, Twitter, Facebook and comments from readers- makes you happy. Treat your body with spending more little times in the bathroom (you know, girls stuffs :P)- makes you happy. And this one, which is the most favorite part of mine of this video, when Bubz writing “things to be grateful for" of the day.
Maybe some of us, even me, sliding over just like that to remind yo…
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