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Langkah Cinta

Kamu pernah bilang, ada tiga tahap yang harus dilewati tentang perasaanmu pada diriku. Pertama suka, lalu sayang, kemudian cinta. 
Kamu pernah bilang, rasa suka itu seperti suka dengan cokelat pahit favoritmu. Kamu mungkin masih bisa hidup walau tanpanya.
Kamu pernah bilang, rasa sayang itu seperti setengah hati yang sudah terisi. Kalau kosong kembali, entah bagaimana mencari penggantinya. 
Kamu pernah bilang, rasa cinta itu adalah mencintai semua keburukan yang kumiliki, seberapa pun aku pernah melukaimu, cinta itu tidak pernah melarikan dirinya. 
Kamu bilang, "Mungkinkah aku bisa membenci diriku sendiri?" Ya, karena kamu mencintaiku sama dengan kamu mencintai dirimu sendiri. Kamu cinta aku seluruhnya. Utuh.

Jakarta, Februari 2013

Blogging Matters: Why Do I Blog?

I was thinking about blogging matters, lately. The first time I got into blog when I was in high school. They said now you can write your online diary through blog. Remember MySpace? Livejournal? I bumped myself into these platforms before I stick to Blogspot until now. Reading others diary is really fun, it's all about your life story, and so much better than I read a novel. Becase it's a true story (unless people fake it, I don't know). And of course, write your personal life story is really fun too. I still remember the first post I shared in my first blog. I wrote about my native English teacher in school. He is British and how he spelled my name was so silly. I was surprise one day after I posted that, my classmate said to me, "Hey, Mr. xxx was in your blog!". Somebody read my blog. Interesting. Then, from that time.. I could not stop to write.
In 2008, still in high school, I found a blog that caught my eye (and apparently my heart too). It is a blog by Al…

What I Have Learned

Last week has been a rough week for me. My mom was flying back to Jakarta for 11 days, my brother was completely busy with students day at campus, day to night. And me.. spending my days work at home, totally alone. It hasn't that bad between first to third days, until I got PMS- which is I called the most terrible problem for every woman and I still can't handle it, then problems came. 
I cannot tell you what the problems are, but seriously they made me crazy for whole week! I could not find anybody to share. You know the feeling when you have a problem, everybody (even your closest friend) seems won't understand you. I just could not find a right person to share. Until Mom came home, (okay.. I don't know how to say it right) I let myself to mencurahkan semua isi hati. And then surprisingly, God have an answer to for me. Suddenly, I feel good. Really good. God said this,
 original picture: here
Sometimes we want to skip a lesson of our life, especially when we struggl…


Yes! Can you believe that? I met this nine gorgeous girls in my dream, last night, practically.

Okay.. please don't say I sound pathetic. The truth is, I didn't attend the concert, which is RIGHT NOW, in Jakarta. My best friend is on the place and just report some pictures to me and guess what..

I am so thrilling!
Watch Girls' Generation concert is one my dream this year. I have been dreaming of this for two years and still not have a chance. I remember once I prayed, the girls are gonna held a solo concert in Indonesia, and then they made it. I knew about the concert two month ago, at the end of July. It's kinda late, too late maybe. When I searched for the tickets, the best spot are SOLD OUT, just in few days! I don't wanna spend my money for the lowest price, because I had a promise to myself if someday I could join a concert, it's gonna be my first official SNSD concert, and I want to make it perfect. But, the problem is.. that time I just started my job, …

5 Pictures of Tuesday 03

(1) My packages from China finally arrived yesterday! I have opened the first box yesterday and this morning I was busy with this one. It contains LOTS of books and it was SOO heavy. I was keep sweating when I unloaded this thing haha but I am so excited because I ended up sitting and looking for some memories when I was in college (LOL). But anyway, welcome home my stuffs!

(2) This little adorable one was founded in the box! I almost forgot about this slippers, it was given my dear ex-roomie (her name is Tika) and she said I have to wear this in new home. I am so really happy wearing this all day in the house. So yeah, hello kitty kitty! Welcome home, you! 

 (3) I will give this picture a caption like "home without Mom". Mom went to Jakarta for several days and I cooked everyday meals something like this: frozen foods (chicken sticks!) and 'surprisingly-tastes-good' veggies sautes! Come home soon, Mom (':

(4) I got this packet today and it was from Tika. So appare…

Morning Routine | How I Usually Start My Day


Routine sounds kinda boring, because routine belongs to 'normal' people. To be honest, I am a morning person. Now, why morning routine sounds like kinda important?

We should know that routine trains us to be more discipline and built our personality- like what Jeff Goins said, "because routines are all about you and your personality". So let's say, we can see people personality by look how they begin their morning day.

Another thing, morning day also helps us to be more focus of our task and get along through the day, and also helps you to have a good mood to start the day. 

Morning routine is not an obligation, it's only something you may try to begin. If you know something brings you a positive thing, it's okay to try, right? Like my Mom, I never saw her eats oatmeal in the morning before, but now since she said it's good to her body, she just gives it a try.

Everyone's morning routine is different. You can make it by your o…

My Writing Essentials

Hello people!
I rarely talk about my writing habits or anything my writing life related. So today I am gonna share with you my three essentials when I do my writing job and these all based on my very personal experiences. Let's take a look!
1. Every writer loves coffee. I don't ever doubt that. Few days ago, I finally realized is not coffee that I really need while writing, I am back to the basic mineral water instead. We all know the only healthy drink is mineral water, there's no other. Amazing fact about mineral water: it re-boost your energy and also helps you to stay hydrated. Because activity like writing, it seems like you only sit for few hours and keep your fingers busy. The truth is sitting for a one hour will make you feel tired as same as while you are standing do nothing for one hour. However, when I am writing I easily feel thirsty so I keep a glass of water by my side and refill it whenever it's empty. Coffee maybe makes me awake, sometimes. But it woul…

5 Pictures of Tuesday 02

(1) Guess what I and Mom made for lunch? *drooling* Oh anyway, don't they like a dinosaur's eggs? LOOL 

(2) My kind of morning breakfast. Actually the sandwiches doesn't belong to me, I finished mine and my brother left this little piece and I have to finish it :P And my favorite (healthy) drink, Ovaltine! I still like the taste when I usually drink in Guangzhou, this one is too chocolate, but still good! I start to reduce my caffeine and choose to drink this kind of milk instead. It gives me more energy to work and Mama said it will give me more calcium (I am young, I am a girl, I need more calcium *noted*). I didn't say I give up for coffee (how can??), but I try not to drink it everyday.  PS: I lost my 1kg after I cut my coffee in a week. Is that awesome??
 (3) I love The Perks of Being Wallflower. Not because Logan, even Emma, but I do really love the story. It's even beautiful if you read the book. Stephen Chbosky is a great writer, this one is his first book. …
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