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Wanderrgirl Blog Challenge #3: The Bravest Person I Know

One day, Alanda Kariza once asked when she attended Global Changemaker event with a question:

What are you gonna do if you stuck in an elevator with 
(put somebody name here)?

In case you're wondering, Tiffany Hwang is a member of Girls Generation.

Instead of we're both screaming loud in the elevator, I am going to interview her. Before I start doing it, let me introduce you, the queen of eye-smile, the bravest person that I know, Tiffany Hwang! 

There are so many idols out there but why Tiffany? What so special from her? Is she just the same with the others? Well, after you read this, you might fall in love with her. 

Tiffany was born in San Fransisco, California and grew up in Diamond Bar. She lost her Mom at a young age. She probably had fragile heart that time, but she also owns a brave heart to leave everything behind at home, flew miles away for the sake of pursuing her dream as a singer. After walked through the rough part; tears, pain, perspirations, struggles. But now, look at her, who doesn't know Tiffany, the one who brighter than gems? 

The legendary eye-smile, Tiffany owns it. Her smile melts everyone's heart. Her smile cheers you up. Her smile can brighten your day. She gives a simple lesson to do: Smile, because it is the beginning to make you feel happy and make others happy, too.

 "When I had an eye contact with her randomly, she knows that sweet eye smile. Every time I see the smile, I feel happier." -Inkigayo Scriptwriter

Everyone is talking about her faith in Christianity. They said Tiffany is religious person, I said Tiffany is just doing the things because she knows she was called to be a witness for Heavenly Father wherever she has been placed. She wants to be a good role model for her fans all over the world. She cares everyone who takes part of her journey. Members, staffs, fans and of course.. her family.

"She is seriously one of the most selfless and truly loving friends I've ever known. She cares so much every one of you, and she really does pray for all her fans, I think sometimes more than herself. She is a walking angel." 

Okay. Let's start the quick interview with Tiffany. Exclusive from the elevator! 
Tiffany is pink one. 

1) I am wondering about what makes you fight for your dream as a singer. I mean, how do you do that?

T: As much as you want to do it and as much as you put into it, that's exactly how much it comes back to you.  Everything will be good as long as you do your best. Because if you do, there will be no regrets."

2) What is the best time for you as a performer?

T: When people takes me seriously as an artist and it is SO NICE! Because yoyu know, all this time I've been fighting for people who takes me seriously as an artist. And now I am just like, okay, I've been trying to be perfect on everything I do. 

3) You have a strong character and I can see that. How do you face every struggle and problems in your life?

T:  Everybody goes through a tough time and I thought I wasn't ready or I want it to stop. But I am thanking God for each and every obstacle because He is only trying to bring the best of us. So I'll pray that He will give you guys too, the wisdom and the strength to get through whatever is going on.

4) What are you going to do in the next 10 years? 

T: I want to continue singing. As I get older, I want to be a singer that has an endless passion for music and stage performance. 

5) How about your personal thought of Girls Generation members?

T: I know that it wasn't by accident that there are nine of us and it was destiny and meant to be. There are many things happened for us to get here, but we were able to finally get here with trust and love for each other. When we won first place, we cried a lot. The moment when they announced we won first place, I had a brief flasback of our nine months preparation period. I felt so grateful for those who helped us. We wanted to tell them how thankful we were. I hope our music can really be a good source to your life because music has always been mine. 

 When the nine are completed.

6) Last words, Tiffany.What do you want to say to me and also your fans out there?

 It's as much passion as you have, just follow it, and you can be where you want to be. I mean, I am.

Bravest Things Tiffany Has-Ever-Done:

1. There was a time her leg injured, she couldn't dance with the girls but she was still singing at the side of the stage. (watch here)

2. She lost her Mom at a very young age. Every time the girls perform "Dear Mom" song, every time she gives the bravest smile during her part. Just because she knows her Mom is watching of her from up there and how much she prouds of her. (watch here)

3. She challenged herself to participate in a musical performance, "Fame". She got the main role and she played the role, passionately. Although that was the first time for her, she has given the best of her for the musical stage. (watch here)

4. She afraid of babies, but she got the title “best mom” on a variety show “Hello Baby” when Girls Generation take care of baby Kyung San. At the first episode, whenever she tried to get close of Kyung San, he cried and she doesn’t like that, so she would stay away from him. But she still cared and worried about him at the other side. “Tiffany is the one who thinks about the baby the most, even if it’s only on the inside,” said Sunny. (watch here)

5. Tiffany left her home and follow her passion and let it takes her to wherever she wants. She believes in it and shows it to the world. That’s the most bravest thing she has ever done.
Someday when I get the chance to meet you, I just want to say thank you. 
Thank you for being such a good example for us to live in passion
Thank you for being such a brave to show the best of you. 
Also thank you for always be the way you are
You are not only Tiffany for Girls Generation but also Stephanie Hwang for me. 
You are beautiful, inside and outside.

All of Tiffany’s answers are ORIGINAL (not made up), from any sources (magazines interview, internet, showbiz interview, etc)
Thank you Stephanie Hwang Blog
Anyway, make an imaginary interview was TRULY HARD. 
All images sources: Soshified and Supergirls, text layered by me. 

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  1. Lovely! My favorite girl in the K-Pop world is (and will always be) Lee Hyori - and I'd love to be able to interview her! She's a force to be reckoned with ;)

    - Arriane


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