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Monday Favorites #1

View from my spot at Waterbom Bali today

Happy Tuesday everyone! We had been through a long weekend (I bet you guys had a great one!) and now we are all back for another great week *fingercrossed*. Honestly, I didn't have a great morning today, something spoiled my mood, and I had a little bit accident on the road on my way home. Thanks God I am saved, and the person that bumped me from the back saved too, but my ride's body has a damage. You might think today is really not a good day for me, well maybe yes, but it's not a big deal for me. I am still grateful because at least I had my chicken muffin for breakfast hehe (: 

So, what's for tonight? I want to share some of my favorite links. This is kinda a long-waited blog post, because I want to share my favorite readings from the internet since few weeks ago. Thanks to Bloglovin, they send me every weekend some of their top pics of the week. Some of them are my new favorite blogs or websites, they help me a lot wheneve…
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