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About Making Choices

One day, me and my boss were starting a random conversation. He suddenly asked me about why Asian kids seem like to follow whatever their parents wants. They always pick a "safe" major in college, so they can own a high position in a company, or they ended up to work for their parents company/business. So Asian kids sounds like don't have their own choice and live forever under their parents wings.
Note: my boss is Balinese.
Basically, our parents always want and give the best for their kids. They have a hope, someday we can contribute in our social circle in the future (istilah gaulnya jadi orang yang berguna buat masyarakat). That's why (sometimes) they have high expectations on us. So they try to "convince" us that their choices are the best, and that will make us ended up to study a major in college, based on their choices, such as medical, business, law, etc (if you are an Asian, you probably get it).

Sounds familiar already? Hey you, my dear Asian f…

Pictures Perfect

"We are all made in different personality and we are unique by our own way. But one thing we know, God has made us become a family. And it wouldn't be changed forever." 

Monday Favorites #2

Happy Monday everyone, how was your day? I hope everything is going well. Feel super great since this morning when I woke up. And as I remember, I was even screaming "what a beautiful daaaaay!" when I just opened my eyes, and realized it was pretty gloomy outside hahaha. Whatever, I should do this every day because it really feels good. 
This happy-good-mood brought me here to post another Monday links. Some my favorite links for this past week and I think that would be great if I share them with you all. Sharing is loveee, right? So here we go! 

(1) Personal Branding by The College Prepster
I never thought about personal branding for this blog, but this old post from Carly was like a ringing bell for me. This blog has been running since early 2010, I slightly remembered why I decided to begin this blog, the point is, I want to take this blog seriously. I am kinda curious how I "publish" my trueself through this blog for all this time, so personal branding is ki…
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