Sunday, October 26, 2014

Twenty Three

Wait guys, did I just make a post about my birthday here? Oh, wait... it was last year! And now I am twenty three! 

Time flies reallyyy fast when you're enjoying every minute of it. There were plenty of memories and surprises since the beginning of 2014, now we're closer to a new year again (like two months to go!). My birthday this year was kinda special. Yesterday it's Jesrisoles first time joined a local event at Kuta Beach. I was in charge to take care of our booth for whole day. The night before my birthday I was so grumpy, later I knew that I got PMS (yes, girl. I was dealing with PMS, on my birthday, how cool is that). It was really exhausting day, but I can't stop smiling receieved birthday messages from friends at the same time (thank you guys for the wishes!), plus, I earned some money on my birthday, ehehehe. Long story short, the event went pretty well, I got a chance to meet some new local friends too (thanks for coming by yesterday friends!), and also enjoying a beautiful sunset scenery! I was so thankful for a dear helping partner yesterday on the event, Nini! She's a really nice person. We just met each other on that day and we had a nice conversation. Thank you so much Nini for your help, we couldn't make it without you!
Thank you so much Nini, you are such a great partner!

It was almost 11:00pm when we arrived at home. My mom picked me up and I found she bought a cheese cake for me! Despite of the tiredness, I was very happy because a birthday cake was on my lap and can't wait to eat it up! We didn't have time to cute the cake and blow the candles yesterday, so I just blew the candles today! I was very happy, my belly is the happiest one.

The... best... cheese cake... EVER! The bottom part is brownie cake!

Well, I have something to say actually, I even have the draft post that I wrote a week before haha. I was planning to post it on my birthday. But I changed my mind to save it for another right time. It's a story that deserve to be told. I'll give you a hint: Something that I decided to make it official. Aha, you guys probably guess what it is already? No? Please staying here with me for the next story. Have a great Sunday everyone, stay awesome! 

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

5 Pictures of Tuesday 07

 (1) It was my first time hit the gym in the early morning. I finally took a big decision to take a membership for gym class two months ago if you guys wondering. I was sweating much and feeling so gooood on the entire day. That's the best way to begin my day!

(2) After gym, I deserve a cup of nice morning coffee. Excelso the only coffeeshop they have in the plaza building so I don't have other choice. I was about to order iced latte but the breakfast menu that I was going to order comes with free coffee, so... yayy for that! This is my first robusta house blend coffee from Excelso. I was thinking to drink it black. However, a little bit sugar won't hurt.

(3) And here you go the breakfast! Sorry for not-so-appetite picture, trust me they taste nice. The baked tomato almost melted in my mouth! 

(4) This picture was taken few weeks ago, also in Tuesday. This is me while working in Jesrisoles (remember the culinary business that we run last year?). I take the responsible for social media promotions, so I take lots of pictures for daily updates. Please have a look of our risoles house business on Instagram, @jesrisolesbali. Come visit us when you are around!

(5) It has been a long time, say hello to our dear furry friend! She is almost 11 years old (it's 77 in human years!), she loves to play hide and seek with you, she loves cereal for breakfast, and we love her very much!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Favorites #3

Happy Monday everyone. Another great links that I found and I hope they will inspire you through the day. Well, I mean for the next day, because I meant to post this in the morning but yeah whatever. You can read them before you sleep and feel good on the next morning. Have a great night and sleep well.

1. "Less is More: Tips on Living Minimal" by Pale Lily
I have been thinking about "simplicity" lately in every aspects of my life, and my mind was blown by reading this beautiful post. Everyone of us could live a simple life, but we normally turn it to a complicated one instead (I said normally, because.. it is!). I don't know why since when I feel like that I take my life as a competition. That makes me sometimes I am afraid that I am not good enough to be a better person. When I see people do better than I do, I start to compete. Sounds bad I know, but thanks God I realized everyone owns different life. If I won't live my life, then who will. Stop comparing myself is definitely my first step for living minimal.

Anyway, please do visit Pale Lily, Sofia writes beautifully in every post. A plus for the clean layout.

2. "10 Things You Need to Learn to Start Living The Life of Your Dreams" by Grease and Glamour
There's only one word to describe this post: fancy. I am not a girl who really likes or eager to travel around the world, but I always find in such an amazing way when people learn about life through a journey that they take alone. Again, it still related to living minimal, if you guys take a decision to live your dreams, let's doing these 10 things together. Scare yourself enough, push yourself enough, then let your future surprises you.

3. "How to Breath" by Zenhabits
In case you suddenly forget how to take a breath, this post is for you.

4. "Healthy Iced Coffee Protein Shake" by Simply Taralynn
I have a seriously relationship with coffee (in case you don't know about it). Since I haven't get my coffee maker yet, I always go for instant coffee and that's not really good. I am so glad to find this genius recipe from Taralynn (known as Undressed Skeleton). It's great recipe because I had my very first protein powder already and I can't wait to mix it with coffee. Sounds like this will be my next favorite drinks, we will see.

5. "Breakfast Hacks: 17 Ways You're Eating Breakfast Wrong"
My dear friend Sastika sent me this link, because she knows me that well about breakfast *wink*. Some of them I've been following right, the rest of them just blow my mind. And you're so wrong when you don't have your breakfast in a day.

Monday Favorite Links is a blog feature where I share something inspiring or lovely from the internet world. You can also share with me your favorite links on the comment box below! (:

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Life After That (Starting Our Own Business!)

"How's life after being a barista?" a top question that most friends and relatives asked me about. So this post is the answer.

After being a barista for seven months, I struggled lots about what I should do in the future. I don't want to push myself, so I booked my flight to the town to take a little break. Remember this post? Basically, I just spent my days in Jakarta only for two days (dan itu pun nggak berturut-turut). One day I spent to the wedding exhibition with Andreas (oh wow, are you getting married? Let's talk about this later!), and a week after I met my Guangzhou friends. I spent the other days in Bogor, which is Andreas's hometown. 

I've learned lots of things when I visited his town. Besides quality time with the big family, we mostly talk about our future and I've been studying about his business world (Andreas works on his family business, toko grosiran sepatu). I asked Andreas about what I have to do after this, he simply answered me, "Sell shoes!", and I think that's a great idea. Well, this idea was born a year ago but I just don't feel right to do it. A year later, I think I am ready to start it. So... yup. Finally I can manage myself to start my really own business. 

Our business is not that huge, we start from a very small beginning. There are so many things we can do out there but we ended up to run an online shop. It's simple and online shop itself has become a lifestyle for almost Indonesian people. Why shoes? Common, us, girls, never get enough of shoes. I love shoes! I never wear anything comfortable than my flat shoes, so I told Andreas, "let's sell flat shoes!". 

I never imagine run a business with a partner, especially when your partner is someone that you consider as a "dream partner". It's really nice working together with Andreas, since he knows much better about the shoes world than me, he helps me a lot. Plus, by running a business together, we become closer even more. We are now on long distance relationship, so I guess this is a positive thing and also the best thing ever we did. 

I have a personal thought of starting a business. For most people I know, the first motivation they want or they start business is about money. Let's be honest, everybody needs money, including myself. But for me, besides about financial things, I started this business because my love for shoes and deep down in my heart I always want to do a business. I don't want to say this but I have to, if I didn't went to Chinese Education for four years, I would find myself in a business major in college. So, my heart always goes for business. I enjoy every little things I do. I go for shoes hunting from different supplier, make orders, take the shoes pictures by myself, promoting in the social media, and many things. And I thank God I didn't find myself complaining so far about doing this, why complain if you got a blessed and blissful life, right?

The business that we run is a minimalist one, only Andreas and me as a one team together. How's the business going so far? It has been two weeks since I first uploaded the shoes collections on Instagram, thanks God it went so well. Some dear friends take a part of this, we are so happy. One day when I received more than two orders in a day, I was incredibly happy! My Mom saw me then she smiled widely said, "You did it, huh? You finally started your life as a businesswoman!". My cheesy mother here we go again hahaha. Once again we started it with a very small seed, I told Andreas already that someday we can produce our own shoes with our own brand, is that really cool? 

Anyway, I have been writing so long and I haven't tell you yet what the business calls haha. It's VFEETSHOES. We kinda mixed the word "vivid" with "feet". So, we combined it as "vfeet" (I hope you get it). Thanks to "semangkok bakso" that we had that day we made this name haha.

I didn't plan to write this post today actually, I supposed to take some more pictures of my babies, then post them up to Instagram. The good thing is, after writing this, I finally gather myself to go downstairs and start working! If you guys want to take a look what kind of shoes we sell, go for check @vfeetshoes on Instagram. Beware girls, pretty shoes gonna ask you to take them out with you today! Happy weekend and stay awesome guys! 

Here you go some pictures of my babies to perfectly close this post: 

(1) I make a real simple DIY backdrop setting for shoes photoshoot. Actually I stole the idea from Kak Andra's Instagram. I slightly remembered she posted her "911" photo setting like this, soo.. terima kasih ya kak idenya haha (: 
(2) Close up of my babies. Are they pretty? Because I think they are! 
(3) Our shipping this week, it's a milestone! Thank you so much fellas!
(4) No no, I am not doing #ootd shoot. It just me, "sacrifice" myself to be a model for my shoes, and two days ago we just celebrate "Hari Batik Nasional". I was wearing my Mom's Batik and my little brother did a great job for taking this photo.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Workspace Favorites

I supposed to clean up my workspace (yesterday), but I feel like to sit down in front of my laptop and decided to write a little post. I am gonna clean up my desk after that, promise!

I'm always wondering how my workspace looks like if I work in an office. You know, the office like cubicle one, and your desk would be full of stuffs like post-its, sharpies in different colors, magazines, and other cute things. When I was browsing to GoGirl! magazine website, I found an interesting post, they actually share about the magazine crew workspace! Some of you guys probably (already) knew that I'm always dreaming about working in magazine company, and GoGirl! is my favorite local magazine to work for. The magazine crew workspace are so TEMPTING! They really look like "a desk" that belongs to magazine office (I mean they look so colorful haha). Oh well, let's take a look some of my favorite workspace:

 The editor's desk

 The managing editor's desk

 The editor's desk

The fashion stylist's desk. I adore the colorful post-its wall! 

All pictures above are courtesy of GoGirl! Magazine website

And this is my workspace looks like right now: 

Sorry it doesn't look very nice for your eyes haha, but I am working on it. Later after I re-arrange the stuff on my desk, I will show you my workspace looks like and details on the desk! I am also thinking to move my desk to another corner because the desk right now is beside my bed. I realized it is not really 'healthy', so I am about to seperate my workspace from my 'sacred' place.

Now I am really gotta go to clean up the desk, wish me luck! Have a wonderful day and stay awesome!
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