Saturday, October 4, 2014

Life After That (Starting Our Own Business!)

"How's life after being a barista?" a top question that most friends and relatives asked me about. So this post is the answer.

After being a barista for seven months, I struggled lots about what I should do in the future. I don't want to push myself, so I booked my flight to the town to take a little break. Remember this post? Basically, I just spent my days in Jakarta only for two days (dan itu pun nggak berturut-turut). One day I spent to the wedding exhibition with Andreas (oh wow, are you getting married? Let's talk about this later!), and a week after I met my Guangzhou friends. I spent the other days in Bogor, which is Andreas's hometown. 

I've learned lots of things when I visited his town. Besides quality time with the big family, we mostly talk about our future and I've been studying about his business world (Andreas works on his family business, toko grosiran sepatu). I asked Andreas about what I have to do after this, he simply answered me, "Sell shoes!", and I think that's a great idea. Well, this idea was born a year ago but I just don't feel right to do it. A year later, I think I am ready to start it. So... yup. Finally I can manage myself to start my really own business. 

Our business is not that huge, we start from a very small beginning. There are so many things we can do out there but we ended up to run an online shop. It's simple and online shop itself has become a lifestyle for almost Indonesian people. Why shoes? Common, us, girls, never get enough of shoes. I love shoes! I never wear anything comfortable than my flat shoes, so I told Andreas, "let's sell flat shoes!". 

I never imagine run a business with a partner, especially when your partner is someone that you consider as a "dream partner". It's really nice working together with Andreas, since he knows much better about the shoes world than me, he helps me a lot. Plus, by running a business together, we become closer even more. We are now on long distance relationship, so I guess this is a positive thing and also the best thing ever we did. 

I have a personal thought of starting a business. For most people I know, the first motivation they want or they start business is about money. Let's be honest, everybody needs money, including myself. But for me, besides about financial things, I started this business because my love for shoes and deep down in my heart I always want to do a business. I don't want to say this but I have to, if I didn't went to Chinese Education for four years, I would find myself in a business major in college. So, my heart always goes for business. I enjoy every little things I do. I go for shoes hunting from different supplier, make orders, take the shoes pictures by myself, promoting in the social media, and many things. And I thank God I didn't find myself complaining so far about doing this, why complain if you got a blessed and blissful life, right?

The business that we run is a minimalist one, only Andreas and me as a one team together. How's the business going so far? It has been two weeks since I first uploaded the shoes collections on Instagram, thanks God it went so well. Some dear friends take a part of this, we are so happy. One day when I received more than two orders in a day, I was incredibly happy! My Mom saw me then she smiled widely said, "You did it, huh? You finally started your life as a businesswoman!". My cheesy mother here we go again hahaha. Once again we started it with a very small seed, I told Andreas already that someday we can produce our own shoes with our own brand, is that really cool? 

Anyway, I have been writing so long and I haven't tell you yet what the business calls haha. It's VFEETSHOES. We kinda mixed the word "vivid" with "feet". So, we combined it as "vfeet" (I hope you get it). Thanks to "semangkok bakso" that we had that day we made this name haha.

I didn't plan to write this post today actually, I supposed to take some more pictures of my babies, then post them up to Instagram. The good thing is, after writing this, I finally gather myself to go downstairs and start working! If you guys want to take a look what kind of shoes we sell, go for check @vfeetshoes on Instagram. Beware girls, pretty shoes gonna ask you to take them out with you today! Happy weekend and stay awesome guys! 

Here you go some pictures of my babies to perfectly close this post: 

(1) I make a real simple DIY backdrop setting for shoes photoshoot. Actually I stole the idea from Kak Andra's Instagram. I slightly remembered she posted her "911" photo setting like this, soo.. terima kasih ya kak idenya haha (: 
(2) Close up of my babies. Are they pretty? Because I think they are! 
(3) Our shipping this week, it's a milestone! Thank you so much fellas!
(4) No no, I am not doing #ootd shoot. It just me, "sacrifice" myself to be a model for my shoes, and two days ago we just celebrate "Hari Batik Nasional". I was wearing my Mom's Batik and my little brother did a great job for taking this photo.

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