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Morning Notes

A Place of Art
Lately I feel that God has taught me a lot about being patience, less worrying about life and surrender all things to Him. Now I become less grumbling and complaining, and surprisingly I found myself simply enjoying my days. Finding yourself in another (better) version of you, sometimes, it feel weird but feel great too. I believe in process. We somehow never knew where God leads us to, as long as I follow Him through His plan, everything is gonna be fine. Perhaps it will turn out so much better than you imagined before.

This Song Stucks in My Head

It becomes my cardio playlist, it becomes my morning jam, it becomes my mood booster, it stucks in my head like forever. Someone has said to me, EXO's songs are totally eargasm. I agree.

College Years: Story and Some Tips

I rarely (or never) talked about my college years in this blog. It was almost two years since I've graduated, everything was changed ever since. The transition being a college student into an adult-life, seriously has driven me crazy. Here some lessons and tips (and pictures!) that I would like to share to with you all about my college years.

Yeah this is me on my first year in college. Literally, a freshman!
1. Take chances and try everything new.
Since you are new in a world called college, you have to be brave to take any chances and try everything new. You will experience almost EVERYTHING in your college years. You might be surprise or nervous at the first time, but the time when you deal with those new things, you got permission to proud of yourself. During my college years, I've experienced so many things. One of most favorite experience, when I got chance to become a volunteer for an huge event, Asian Games. No regret at all.

My experience in volunteering on a huge ev…

The Year of Ram

Happy Chinese New Year for those who celebrate! This is our second time, spending Chinese New Year without our big family members, since we moved to Bali. It's weird feeling because here in Bali doesn't celebrate Lunar's Day, except for the local Chinese. But it's great and I feel blessed, I could spend time at home with family, enjoy our feast together and of course... receiving hóngbāo, a.k.a the red pockets! 

Since the morning, we have been busy caliing our family and friends to greet them. We were so busy passing over our phone to say new year's wishes. My favorite part when I called my grandma. She always sounds cheerful and happy, asking how's everyone going. Back then before we move here, when it comes to Chinese New Year, I'm always looking forward to my grandma's cooking. Her speciality of course something made from pork, I totally forgot what it calls haha. But I hope next time I could taste her cooking again.
I hope everyone of you having a …

Fine Sunday

Hello universe. Last week, I got friends came here for their honeymoon. Yes, they are newlyweds! Since they didn't plan anything for the honeymoon, they asked me to join with them. This was my second time joining a friend's honeymoon in Bali, should I proud of it? Haha. But this time was really really a great one.

Let's just straight with some pictures, shall we?

I didn't bring my camera that day, so Ci Dinda was in charge to take the pictures. And of course, Ko Steve was in charge to take our pictures and he was like "foto lagi?", every time the food arrived on the table then us girls began to take food photos. Namanya juga peyempuan, Ko! :P

Can you guess already where we had our dinner? Yes, it's a tiny little nice Greek restaurant called Souvlaki Greek Restaurant or Warung Souvlaki. I love the ambience and the blue colored theme helps us to release. The food was okay, 7,5 from 10, since I am not a fan of Greek culinary. I never tried Greek before, but …


 Credit to: Pinterest This is gonna be a longggg post without any (pre-wedding) nice pictures. Kenapa pre-wedding, karena aku pengen sharing apa aja yang aku pelajarin dalam hubunganku dengan Andreas, khususnya menjelang wedding day kami (ciyeee). Buat yang udah nikah, pasti ngerti banget fase sebelum merit itu hebohnya kayak apa. Bukan cuman ngurusin detil dan konsep pesta itu sendiri, tapi lebih ke persiapan mental masing-masing pasangan. Okay, should I start now? Here we go. 
Jadi di post sebelumnya, aku udah mention akan nikah tahun ini, tepatnya di bulan Oktober nanti. By the way, I'm going to 24 and he's 25 this year.Yes, kami termasuk pasangan yang orang-orang bilang bakal nikah muda. Kami pacaran hampir lima tahun, dari awal kami udah komit hubungan ini akan dibawa sampai ke tahap pelaminan (halah). Sebenarnya sejak komit itulah kami langsung dikasih Tuhan untuk 'nikmatin' proses dalam relationship kami. Banyak yang bilang masa pacaran adalah masa yang indah, we…
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