The Sky is So Blue

Here you go some pictures from my short "trip" last week. You know, the more longer I live in this island, the more I realize there are so many places that I never have been to! It's pretty ashame, because every time we have someone comes for visit, they will ask some places that they haveheard it's popular in this island, but we don't have any clue about it. So yeah, travel more, go out more, but first... let's work harder for it hehehe.

The weather turns so HOT these days. Maybe because last week it was raining almost every day, and the sky was not clear and bright as usual, you will get it after seeing these pictures below. Last for not least, I hope you guys enjoy your day and don't forget to stay awesome! 


  1. janeee ini di pantai mana? kok kayak enak bersih sepi gitu..


    1. Ini Balangan Beach vin, masih agak sepi dan bersihh, ada juga sekarang lagi hits pantai Green Bowl :D

  2. dari sekian banyak daftar makanan yang ada, yang paling bikin gue penasaran itu kopinya, seperti apa sensasi rasa kopinya?

    1. Enak banget! Better than Starbucks I should say *whopps*. Di Jakarta kalo nggak salah Anomali ada di Kemang (:


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