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Words Can Heal, Words Can Kill

Quote credit to Diana Rikasari and her #88LoveLife book
You know sometimes in any kind of relationships, when I am about into an argument and find someone saying things that not please myself, I always turn a really bad guy. I am easily hurting someone with my words, and you know exactly what would happen next after hurting someone. It even becomes worse if that person who is someone important in my life. I say sorry and the person (if I'm lucky enough) accepts my apologize and forgive me, then the problem solved. At this point, I forget something. Something that I can't take it back from the person I hurted. Yes ladies, sometimes words can heal someone, words can lift someone else up, the other times words can kill and hurt someone. Both good or bad words, they would be planted forever in someone's heart. You can't take it back. So, feel before thinking, think before speaking. #lessonlearned
Quick update! My friend, Jesslyn, who designed my #PassionTalk book's c…

My Daily Motivations

Image source 1. "Morning talk" with God and pray to Him before start my day.  2. Always say "thank you" to everyone offers help to you, being nice or just makes your day.  3. Power breakfast. Usually scrambled eggs with Fiesta stickies, or sometimes Indomie goreng pake telor. 4. Say "good morning" to every dearest people at home, and the one who lives far awayyy there :D 5. Never give up. Because life only comes once and besides, I'm half way there.

Our Wedding Tips: 5 Easy Steps to Start Planning A Wedding

So you guys have discussed things before you decided to get married? Now it's time for you to start planning your big day! 

First of all, congratulation for your engagement! Buat yang belum berencana menikah, nggak ada salahnya untuk baca artikel ini juga, sih. Beberapa poin yang bakal aku share kali ini, adalah five easy steps to start planning a wedding.

Biasanya habis dilamar, langsung excited banget untuk siapin semuanya. But at the same time, we feel so overwhelmed and don't know where to start. I can feel you ladies, so I wrote this post for all brides-to-be right there. Hope this post helps!

Step One: Wedding date 
Setelah Andreas popped the question, hal pertama yang jadi pikiran kami berdua, adalah soal tanggal pernikahan. Aku dan Andreas dan juga keluarga besar kami, nggak pernah sengaja milih "tanggal/hari baik". Jadi pemilihan tanggal pernikahan bukan suatu masalah besar. We have two wedding dates, karena holy matrimony dan resepsi pernikahan kami berjarak…

Life Updates

Hello people, how was your day? I just got back again from the town, to deal with some wedding things and other stuffs. So here I would like to share some my life updates. I know they are nothing for you to care about, but since it's my blog, I want to keep some personal things that I could look up some other days. If you got stumbled on this blog and reading this, I would like to say thanks, and for me you are the special one. Stay awesome! 
1. Having a great time with Andreas's family. 
I had so much difficulties since the begininng when it comes to his family, especially with his parents. Since he is the young boy in the house, and his other brothers and sister have been married for years (and Andreas has keponakan already), it seems like everyone has their own expectations on his "future" wife. I put lots of pressure on myself, and speaking honestly, sometimes I found myself "trying" to be another person that they "wanted". After all, I a…

My Eyes Are So Blue

Today was a really great day, I must tell. It has been a week for me to be a "anak rumahan", and finally I got the chance to go out. So this is not an official "go out" for refreshing, I was actually here for a work. Remember my post here, that I mentioned I'm doing a project? These are little sneak peaks of it! Thinking about it I feel so excited already! Please bear with me, soon the project's done, I will tell you for updates. 
Anyway, is it that GOOD and NICE, seeing all blue in your eyes? I've read this somewhere, that one of happiness tricks, is to surround yourself with more blue colors. It really works!
Well, we're still in the middle of the week, hanging there ladies! Have a great one and stay awesome!
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