Sunday, July 5, 2015


I must admit it myself is not good enough as a reader. Every year I try to read more good books, any genres, fiction or non-fiction. This year I made a promise (again) to spend more money for more books. It's crazy because, usually, girls like to spend their money for pretty stuffs like make-ups, clothes, shoes or bags. I like those things too, but my brain always gives me a second thought for that. Can you tell me, which better: 700,000IDR for Harry Potter Novel Box Set or same price for Naked 3 Palette? :D

So here are some (local) books that I have read so far in this year. As you can see, yes I have been reading fictions, MetroPop for specific genre. I loveeee Ika Natassa! I purchased lots of her books recently. Since I read Twivortiare 2, I was like, "omaigat! Gue harus beli bukunya yang lain!" hahaha. Speaking of Ika Natassa, she published a new book called "Critical Eleven", which becomes so popularrr among her readers since she announced it from her Instagram. She opened pre-order for this new book last Wednesday, too bad I didn't get a copy ): It was really, literally crazehhh during the book pre-order day. 1,111 copies of the book sold out in 11 minutes! Say whaaaat #lifeoffamousauthorever

If you guys have recommendation of good books, please let me know, because I really want to spare my time for reading (not just for "bedtime reading"). Local or English version are fine. Actually I am still trying to finish the complete version of "The Little Woman" book that my friend, Etin, lent me last year. Please don't mad at me dear hahaha *peace*

Anyway, I never shared this in public, this is one of my random short story that I wrote. I just found it in my writing folder, and I was surprised knowing that I've written this! Three pages long. I hope you enjoy it! 

*please don't take this without my permission. I beg you!


  1. Ka, travel young bagus gak? Pengen beli :) Thanks for replying this..

    1. Hi! Bagusss, must read kalau buat aku (:


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