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Do You Have Enough For Today?

credit to A Place For Art
I love reading Bible. If I could say this, Bible could be my most favorite book in this world. I'm not kidding. Sometimes the words in it are confusing, but most of the time, the words make sense to me. 
For this whole month, I have been reading Proverbs again and finished it this morning. The author of Proverbs book should be given a Nobel for his powerful wisdoms. I found many times of life quotes on the internet, has taken from Proverbs book. It means, the words are applicable in our daily life. 
Here's one of my favorite verse from the book and has became my daily prayer in the morning. This verse below is in Easy-to-read version.
"Don't let me tell lies. And don't make me too rich or too poor- give me only enough food for each day.
If I have too much, I might deny I need You, Lord. But if I'm too poor, I might steal and bring shame to the name of my God."  -Proverbs 30:8-9
If there's only one first problem in my life (I…

Brought Back From The Old Hometown

I was back to Jakarta weeks ago and I haven't shared any pictures from the town yet. Despite some wedding stuffs to deal with, I had so much great times with some dear friends too. I couldn't be more blessed knowing that God has sent these people for me.
I would like to snap more pictures for posting in this blog, but the other side, I didn't want to be overly busy taking pictures with camera, because I just wanted to enjoy every minutes and "be there". So, I just snapped everything quickly without any attemps to take better shoots.
I leave a description for each pictures below. Some faces who made appearance here, maybe they belong to some people that you guys already familiar with ((: 

(1) You probably know her already, yes... meet my childhood bestfriend, aka the future maid of honor, Kina! It was almost impossible to arrange our meet-up schedule, every time I was in town. This time, we finally got each other! We grabbed Japanese lunch together with Andrea…

Monday Favorites #5

Blue-ish scene at Sanur I snapped when we missed our speedboat off to Nusa Penida last month *sobs*
(1) "A Month Without Coffee" by Zen Habits Since last week, when my brother was off for a week from his duties at hospital, everytime he found out me drinking coffee while I was working, he started to give me speech about why-drinking-coffee-everyday-is-not-good-for-health. I give my defense from articles that I've read but I think it's useless since I was talking with a doctor-wannabe, right? But I guess he's right, and I hope this report by Leo from Zenhabits, helps me commit to stop drinking too much coffee. Start tomorrow. *glancing to my cup of coffee this morning*
(2) "The Top 4 Cities to Get A Cup of Coffee" by Nerd Wallet ( While I should stop drinking coffee, I think this article is amazing. I always wonder how typical Americans have their coffee-break in a fancy coffee shop. I always think it must be cool. 
(3) "12 Rookie Decorat…

Think About This And That

A: "What are you planning today?"  J: "Hmm nothing much. I want to blog, still looking for inspirations." A: "What are you thinking lately?" J: "A lot. Hahaha." 
So, here we go. I just make a list about things I'm thinking about lately. Please don't bother my thoughts.
1. Recently I met people who often ask me about what I do for living, and when they found out I don't do 9 to 5 job, they are quite surprised. It's not like a 'good surprise', I believe. I was more like 'jobless' for them just because then. I could read their mind, somehow. When they 'try' to make conversation to know more about what I really do and to convince me that I 'should' do other job for living, and what I'm doing right now is not enough, blah and blah, this question came up: what's wrong with things that I do?  

Sometimes I just think people care way too much about other people lives. They think they know the bes…
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