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Eat in Bali: Seniman Coffee Studio and Naughty Nuri's

We went to Ubud again last week! Rencana ke Ubud kali ini cukup spontan. Sepulang dari Jakarta bareng papa dan Andreas (yeay!), mama tiba-tiba ngajakin ke Ubud untuk spa. Kayaknya kalau udah pernah ngerasain spa enak di Bali, pasti ketagihan untuk kedua kali, ini berlaku untuk my mama. Mama nemu satu tempat spa enak dan not pricey at all (katanya 2 jam dua ratusan ribu ajah) di Ubud, namanya Putri Bali. Lokasinya sederetan, bahkan sebelahan dengan Naughty Nuri's. Sesuai post title, bisa ditebak lah ya, post kali ini mau bahas apa? :D
Let's talk about another place before we had amazing pork ribs for late lunch that day. Abis drop papa dan mama tersayang for having their nice spa-time, me, Andreas and my little brother decided to go some place for coffee or snack, while we were waiting my parents. Sempet bingung banget mau ke mana, soalnya kita nggak begitu familiar dengan jalanan Ubud, walaupun udah beberapa kali ke sana. Udah gitu kita bawa mobil, jalan raya Ubud paling ribet…

Beauty Love: Tips On Getting Ultimate Summer Glow

Summer is winding down, but I'm sure some of us are still looking forward for those days where we can spend time at the beach or just having a good time at outdoors. Today I would like to share my most easy and simple tips for getting a summer glow, and of course we stay on low budget. Here they are:

Super Foods

 Grapes  If people have an apple for their on-the-go fruit, I have grapes. I don't really like the other berries like strawberry or blueberry, but I love grapes. If you want to eat it in different way, you can mix grapes with plain yogurt. The grapes give some flavors when you eat them together. It's my perfect healthy snacks, it's light, healthy, less calories, you have no worries!

Lemons Who doesn't love lemons? It doesn't only give a crisp taste for some dishes (especially Chinese dishes, you know, sweet and sour lemon pork? *drooling*), lemons are rich source of vitamin C, which is in my case, my body needs more for it. Most of the time, I just cut …
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