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The Greatest Week (Ever)

1. It has been raining for whole week. 2. I cooked and enjoyed Indomie Goreng Jumbo by myself while re-watching HIMYM season 7.  3. Asked hubby I wanted to take a day off and he agreed. 4. I owe Go-Food service million times. Thank you for delivering me bubble tea, mie ayam, pangsit kuah, Hokben this week. 5. I got scolded because they feel dissapointed of what I did. Stressed out little bit and the situation has effected my health and went to doctor few days ago. That's okay. Everyone makes mistake. Nobody can be liked by everybody. Shit happens (pardon my French). Instead of blaming and crying over myself, things still can be fixed. Beside, I still have few reasons to be thankful for.

Japan Travel Journal 04: Kyoto

After we spent one day in Tokyo on first day, had so much fun in Disneysea, off to Osaka for one day, and today we're going to take you to another city called Kyoto! 
Menurut informasi yang aku dapet, Kyoto itubukan kota metropolitan yang crowded seperti Tokyo atau Osaka. Kyoto terkenal dengan warisan budaya yang kaya, banyak wisata temple dengan view yang cantik, suasana yang lebih 'pedesaan'.

Well, it's half true. Ketika sampai di Kyoto, we found and felt that vibe. Kotanya tenang, udaranya bersih (di Tokyo dan Osaka juga bersih sih), banyak pohon-pohon yang berwarna cokelat kemerahan di tepi jalan, and so many old people walking around, hihi.

Note: Because this is also a one day trip journal, this post is gonna be a little bit longgg. 

Favorite Things and Unseen 2015

Happy new year 2016 guys! Sorry for my late greeting, I hope everyone of you are doing well, since it's just the third day of 2016. I suppose to finish my Japan travel journal before 2015 ended, but obviously it didn't happen. So don't worry, I'm still working of it. Now let's take a short reflection and sort some favorite things about 2015.

1. Attended our dear friend's wedding in Surabaya. It was my first time to Surabaya and third times for Andreas. We did some fun there, catching up with other friends, and flied back to Bali at night.

2. Took my first project as a wedding planner. Remember this post? This was a very spontaneous thing I ever agreed with. I never handle a wedding before but my Mom the one who convinced me that I can do this. So I took this challenge during the preparation of my own wedding (yes, it's tough, baby). The wedding is coming really soon next month, wish me luck!

3. We did our pre-wedding shoots in Bali and Jakarta. Tired, but …
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