Jane Reggievia Santoso
Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Jane, I'm twenty something, a wife, and a Mama to my son, Joshua. Born and raised in Jakarta for almost eighteen years before I went to Guang Zhou for college. After I graduated with a Bachelor of Art degree, my parents decided to move to Bali and we started our life again from zero. Later then, I helped out my mom to established our family culinary business, Jesrisoles Bali, and the business is keep growing better and better until today. To gain my work experiences, I decided to work as a full timer barista at Starbucks (no regrets!), and also being a freelance translator and Mandarin tutor. I lived in Bali only for two years long, but I left my heart in that place, and definitely one that I call home.  

In late 2015, I am married to my best friend that I dated for five years. His name is Andreas, he's a hard worker who spends lots of his time at gym, living a healthy lifestyle, and you probably love to chat with him because he's warm and friendly. We're currently living in Bogor, his hometown, running a business. We still have our own dream to pursue our career together in future. 

I have self-published my first Christian genre book called Passion Talk. The book talks about how Christian young people embrace their passion to live the purpose of life. You can read about behind the making of this book here and here

You can also read my Starbucks working experiences in Youthmanual.com: one, two, three.
Currently, I am not doing any writing project. But I hope to be able finishing my first fiction novel and publish it soon. 

Jane From The Blog 
I have been blogging since high school and restarted in early 2010. Writing and telling stories have always been my passion. I made this blog simply for my creative outlet and also for an online diary.

Basically, you can find my everyday pieces and some random favorite things in this blog. I also love to share bits of personal thoughts, life lessons that help me to grow day by day. And I also love to share some places that I travel to, food I eat, books I read, nice people I adore. Maybe sometimes I am going to write cheesy letter or prose or whatever that is, please don't bother me. And since Joshua came to our family, I begin to write about him and my journey as a mom, you can find that kind of posts on Our Baby and Motherhood Journey categories.
Find Me
I am @reggievia on Twitter and Instagram. For further contact and business requirements (or maybe a little chit-chat), don't hesitate to email me at: reggieviasantoso@gmail.com

Make yourself at home when visiting Jane From The Blog. Enjoy and see you anytime!

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