Part of generation Y, a wife and a mother with a son, born and raised in the Capital City, currently living in Kota Hujan. I spend my days mostly taking care of my son, learn how to cook, make coffee, read good books and of course writing. Based on my job description, yes you can call me a stay at home mom.
I have a special love for Japanese food (and goreng-gorengan) and bubble drinks, speak Mandarin fluently, any kind of movies that have Anne Hathaway in it are my favorites. Writing since 10, blogging since 15. You can find mostly my everyday pieces, journey of our family, our favorite things and so much more in this blog.

For further contact and business requirements (sponsorship or collaboration), please email me to reggieviasantoso@gmail.com. Oh, I'm also @reggievia on Instagram and Twitter. 

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