Yes I'm here to declare that I AM HOME! :D
And as usual, I do nothing when at home, spend my whole day with dearest dvd player and notebook, good books and good foods! Seriously, Indonesian dishes are AMAZING, Mama's cook is on the stage! (:
I don't have anything good to post today, but I will share you some pictures that I got from my friend's folder. The pictures below are taken by him when we had our dinner at our favorite Hongkong Cuisine restaurant after Youth Service. Three pictures only for today. Have a great day!

we asked the friendly waitress to help us took a shoot
we saw a little cute doggie named Cookie, he is really adorable
oya, you should talk with him in Cantonese, he doesn't know English or Chinese ((:

me, boyfriend and his sister-in-law (:


  1. kinda miss gz a very little bit, don't yaa?
    me soo hahaha :P

  2. have an awesome lazy day :)
    there's no place like home !

  3. it seems like a great day! enjoy hometown~


  4. Precious pictures :) seems like you had lots of fun!
    Have great days in hometown! Happy chinese new year!! :D enjoy hometown. Thanks for the comment :)

  5. dinner with boyfriend and sister in law is such a lovely thing :)


  6. I can't believe you plan naming your baby Stevia
    I personally like my name so.. it would be awesome to name her Stevia


    oh, and keep writing!
    your time will come :)


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