A True Friend





A pictures with my very best friend since childhood. 
See our faces? Yes, we're happy yet so sad, because we're gonna to separate again. 
But true friend, never mind about the long distance 'friend-relationship', right?

Dedicate to my true friends. 
Whoever you are, thanks being my true friend (:


A true friend, 
They have another lots of friends, but never forget about us.

A true friend, 
They have lots problems to solve, but always available for us.

A true friend,
They make a real smile on our face, the beautiful smile, not a fake. 

A true friend, 
They hear, they cry, the hug, they cheer us up whenever we fall.

 A true friend, 
They like an energy pill whenever we try to give up.

"You're a true friend, you're here 'till the end."

"A True Friend" ©2012
Inspiration: "True Friend" by Hannah Montana


  1. It's great how you guys still keep in contacts and stick together since childhood
    I admire such friendship :)


  2. I love True Friend song too!
    aww.. you all look so happy.. i'm sure you'll be reunited soon!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. i'm so glad that you find your true friend, nowadays... true friends are hard to find! i wish you all the best, jane!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  4. AH I'm sorry that you will be soon separated :( I hope that your friendship continues to stay strong, I don't live near my best friend anymore but we still see each other and act like bst friends when we do. xx


  5. don't worry dear, I have one long distanced true friend and looks like we're inseparable til the death ;)

  6. Me either. I have three long distance girl friends. But still we remain really good friends! ♥ it's Caity from Phil. Take care!



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